Darlene Hyman 1 year ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Serene 1 year ago 2

It would be so nice if we could have more than 1 bee hive. It takes about 2 days just get 1 honey. The pickle shop alone needs 30 honey's, it's gonna take 2 months to complete. I also need about 30 more honey to complete other buildings, this is really trying my patience n I'm a patient person. Also would be nice to get more than 1 axe each time you level, the game is stingy with axes also. I actually like this game n I pretty much play everyday but it's slow as molasses. One more thing, there should be a confirm button for using the gold, I accidentally touched it instead of the icon next to it to send for request of ladders. I did not want to spend my gold, I only have a little at a time n I save it to get a quest back when timne runs out, which always does because I don't get enough axes to search to complete the quest. Sincerely hoping to keep playing.

Raeleen Arcurio Rager 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Michelle Buck 2 years ago 1

We should get more than 1 quarry and honey at a time because it takes 12 hours to harvest. We should also get thread every time we harvest

December Leigh 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Nancy Reed Davis 1 year ago 2

Keep opening new quests without finishing any buildings. My unfinished building section is almost 1/3 of my space, Level 80+ with all buildings that don't require gold, & tons of decorations, it's large. Have 40-50 unfinished buildings & growing, keeps giving me new ones with my limited swords rather than parts for buildings I already have until the quest finally closes.

Bobbie Massey 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

i just downloaded ur game brightwood n when i tap on the social media link to connect to facebook it wont let me. Its for a quest when u first start out with plz help

Michelle Buck 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated 2 years ago 1

I think that there should be ways in the game that we can earn gold. Right now, there really aren't any, unless you count gambling, and even then I rarely ever earn any. There are MANY tasks which require us to spend gold, some large amounts, and in order to bypass those quests, you have to spend gold, but there are NO ways for us to earn any gold. Very frustrating. With all of the problems(disappearing supplies), issues(game starting over @ level 1, which happened once already), and lack of customer service help I've been reading about in the forums, I am weary of buying any gold. I never receive enough axes to break open the crystals when we do get them (which is the only way I can get gold).

If there are going to be tasks requiring gold, give us ways to accumulate the gold!!!

Cat 1 year ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

This game really needs a second source of honey and Quarry stone, or shorter turn over time. I would even be willing to purchase one with gold if it was in feature items.

Percy Luz 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

free axe and coins


A task broken down into 8 to 10 parts is bad enough but to put a 6 to 8 hour work limit on just one worker and then pile 10 to 15 of them on him. half of the things he needs to finish the work is hard to find at best. I came to enjoy myself, and this is not the way!!!!!!