Tracy Wibbenmeyer 2 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by charannturner 11 months ago 1

I have started this quest and I must say we can't do it because we don't have the snow tiles or the christmas craft in the market. I really think this is really sad when we all play this game and I love the time quests if we have everything we need to complete the task if you are going to give us a quest we MUST have the items to be able to purchase. Please advise if we will get a chance to either do this again. Or are you going to fix so we can finish this quest. I hate to have it just sitting.

I'm having the same issue with the ' oh christmas tree quest" there is no Christmas craft in the market nor is there snow tikes and such items in the market to purchase . my son and I play this game together . I have spent way more actual money than I should have unknowingly that these types of issues would prevent us from going further in tge game . the game has been quiet enjoyable but there has to be progress . this needs to be fixed or I will have to request full refund which happens to range over $500 that we have invested in this wonderful yet unfinishable game . if a person were to buy a boxed set of their fav dvd tv series and the last few disk didn't work properly then you expect a replacement or money back . get it fixed before time on the limited edition 'oh Christmas tree' runs out of time !