Never finishes any quests only opens new ones

December Leigh 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Nancy Reed Davis 1 year ago 2

Keep opening new quests without finishing any buildings. My unfinished building section is almost 1/3 of my space, Level 80+ with all buildings that don't require gold, & tons of decorations, it's large. Have 40-50 unfinished buildings & growing, keeps giving me new ones with my limited swords rather than parts for buildings I already have until the quest finally closes.

I will get a few things for a few buildings on quests occasionally, & even more rarely finish something, but it gives me something new to start before anything can be completed the vast majority of the time. I don't do LE quests due to lack of swords, I have the sword regenerator, & lots of resources to keep it going, but no gold or way to earn it.

mine finishes but won't show it and allow me to move on .I have five or six of these just hanging there.could you please fix this? I would be so greatful . Thank you Nancy Reed Davis