Survey did not pay me my rewards

Francie Drakos 2 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated by Charla Heathman 2 years ago 2

I tried to complete many Surveys on trru (?)super surveys app. Stayed with it for 20 mins. Told I would get 5 axes.Did not receive any reward.This has happened before, but first time writing a

About it.

this happens to me a lot I just went on and did a purchase through a site where I had to use the code tap joy 20 and receive a lot of coins however I still have not received the coins and I had to make at least a $50 purchase I have done several surveys and then several of the games and have not received any of the axis shear gold or coins from the majority of the ones that I have done but also had made purchases and November and December large amounts and also at the beginning of the year this month in January where I made the purchase and my App would go down and I would not be credited for the amount of my purchase when it does go down I make a report because it says report or not to whenever it shuts down I have not been credited for it I have my bank statement or I have been charged however I have not been credited on the game for what I have that's missing but I have my bank statement that shows what I have been charged for so I know where you're coming from

however my game is Brightwood adventures it is not shipwrecked sorry.