In urgent need of "Window of fall"!

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Dear Kiwi.

I have noticed that some people have mentioned this in other topics but they haven't been labeled under the correct category, and haven't been replied to by any supporters. That's why I'm having a go at it again now.

I'm not able to finish several buildings due to the lack of a certain building, the 'fabled' "Window of Fall".

Since I've downloaded the game I've never seen the named building in the game. Not under the regular buildings, not under the craftings, not anywhere actually? 😰

If you have removed it from the game by mistake could you please bring it back ASAP?

If I am supposed to be reaching a certain level to gain access to it, then could you please tell me?

We are quite a few people who really need to get the resources this illusive window is supposed to provide us with.

We all hope to hear from you soon, hopefully with very positive feedback 😊

Regards from Denmark! πŸ’–


Appreciation for and approval of this message from America! LOL! Seriously, though, I'm very grateful that you posted this question and hopeful that someone from kiwi replies soon! Thanks!


Unfortunately we couldn't matter less if we tried 😝

However! I found the answer on my own!

I don't know if you have to be a certain lvl to gain access to it, or if it's limited to a specific time of the year to be available for the gamers.

I was playing as usual, and then I took a closer look at some of the 'Limited Editions' or whatever it is they are called πŸ˜… And whatyaknow! Window of Fall was all of the sudden a part of my quests! I had to search the Forrest for it (go figure πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘). Of course I didn't have any axes to search anything with, so the thing ended up being 'Expired' and costing me 6 gold to get another go at.

I thought I'd wait until I had saved a few axes so I at least had a chance of finding the bloody thing, but last night when I had 3 axes and thought that NOW I was ready to give it a go...it was gone...!πŸ˜¨πŸ˜–

I hope and pray that I'm wrong about this, but I have a sneaky suspicion that we're only being presented with this quest around the holiday season Thanksgiving in America. IF I'm correct about this, we all have to wait another year to have the opportunity to go look for it again.

Now I know that I have to save the axes like crazy in the month up to thanksgiving 😝

But seriously, I think their customer support have a lot to ask for. No replies to this topic....for months? πŸ˜’

I bet we're not going to get a confirmation or dismissal of my theory either. I guess we just have to wait it out. Look on the bright side! We only have 10 months left if I'm right! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It's ridiculous to wait that long

This needs to be fixed immediately! Β I am NOT going to continue with a game that gives you quests and buildings to complete, but does not SUPPORT your playing of the game with what you need, Thanksgiving is not until November, fix the game...I have played other Rock You games and none of those games left you hanging Β in your endeavors indefinitely! Really!!!?


Please submit a ticket to us at support.rockyou.com with the details about the issue in the game. We are here to assist you.

Any help yet? I need this stupid window as well. I quit playing for over a year. I just started playing again. Things seem a lot better on some fronts, the same on things like this.

Please drop an email to our support team with the details of the issue in the game. We are here to assist you. Please write to us via support.rockyou.com