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for the last 2 days  Brightwood Adventures has not been loading on my laptop. Restarting the laptop, reloading the game does not help. Prior to that it said server slow ... all my other games work fine!
Have you tried clearing data?
What data would you recommend clearing? What I don't understand is that all the other games I play on FB work fine with no problems whatsoever!
Go to settings, then to apps, find brightwood and click on clear data. The other games may not have used up as much space so it's possible some may work better than others. These kiwi games are bad about needing data cleared so it may be best to do it if you notice lag or any other issues like that! Hope it helps!
can't find a button that says 'clear data' - do you mean remove app and then re-install it? Won't that make me lose all the things I have done ingame so far?
Not knowing what kind of device you're playing on, I guess they could be set up different, for instance, I play on a kindle..I go to settings, then apps, in your case I would go to brightwood and the options would be force stop,  uninstall, clear data and clear cache. As stated by Fifties Lady, this may not help but a lot of times does take care of an issue. As far as uninstalling a game..I've had to do that a few times, per kiwis instructions, one time it fixed everything but the second time for a different game, it reset my game to level 1! I know that probably didn't help you a whole bunch but it's good information to know..I would suggest contacting kiwi through kiwiup.freshdesk and open a ticket. I hope it works out for you!

What level have you reached and do you have lots of assets now?  I started having the same problem around level 120 with lots of house, buildings and decor.  I went through the clearing data almost every day and it seemed to help sometime but did not eliminate the problem.  I also had no problems with any of the other games but I am at a much lower level on those in.  I complained to Kiwi and they did something that initially helped but as I kept playing it got to the point where I would get booted out of the game and get the message that BA was not responding and it would close.  Clearing data did not help and if I could get the game to load, it would lock up with only one or two activities.  I no longer can visit neighbors or go to my other locations as the games locks up.  I continue to communicate with Kiwi and have been told that I must inventory or sell assets to get the game to work as I have too many.  That is ridiculous considering if you continue to play you will continue to get more assets so the problem will never get better.  I have over 3 million coins but cannot buy anything, which sorta defeats the purpose of expanding your game.  I think the company did not intend for people to keep playing but lose interest and move on to other Kiwi games.  Honestly I am hooked on BA and really unhappy to not be able to play. Hope this is not the issue you are having.
I'm not thaaat far into the game, about level 20 I guess (can't check as I can't load it) - and I am playing it on my laptop.

This is what I get when I open Apps and settings for Brightwood
 App visibility and post audience
1. Public profile (required)
2. Email address

1. Post
2. Send you notifications

1. Choose the Info This App Can Use
2. Learn How Apps Can Use Your Info
3. Remove Info Collected by the App
4. Get Help From App Developers

And at the bottom of the screen the following:
App Terms App Privacy Policy Remove App Report App

I have contacted the developer already - more than once and initially it worked again (for a short time), but now I have not been able to play for 3 days. Just to reiterate - I am using a laptop.
I guess I could click on 'remove app', but I am concerned that it might reset the game to level 1 and I don't want that!

I don't have the options of force stop, clear data, clear cache

Oh wow..I have no idea about that but I would open a ticket @kiwiup.freshdesk and I hope they help! You shouldn't be having that issue since your level is 20 and probably not that many buildings or any decor.
I have kitchen x2 (second one was bought in error), sheep shack and barber shop, the first dwellings you can get, bakery, beehive, smithy, sawmill, some fruit trees, watch tower, cave, fairy circle, market place, shamrock thingy (still under construction), cobbler (under construction), Valentine booth, the lottery stand (where you can play and hope you will get some axes - I usually get coins or those things to speed up production). That's about it I think. 
I will contact the developer yet again ...
Slightly different message from what I have been getting for the past 5 or so days - but the game is still not loading, grrrrr

Brightwood Adventures Error

  • All the servers are busy; reason-code NO_FREE_CONTAINERS.
    Please press the Retry button to retry.

This is the latest message I got from support - disappointed, as I don't want to play on my phone!

Hi there,

Please be informed that for some technical reason we have taken down the Brightwood Adventure's FB servers. Please make a new game account on your phone and I will credit you with a bunch of gold and axes which would help you speed up things.

Oh wow..that sucks! I wouldn't want to start over either but at least they're offering you something. Back in November, my games all reset to the beginning, got Shipwrecked back but they LOST my other accounts..never offered me anything..so I now only get to play Shipwrecked after playing the other games for several months and spending money for resources. Good luck!!
Well, I have at last managed to install it on my i-phone via Amazon (had to download their app) and yes, it's starting back at the beginning. At least I had not spent any real money on it!
Do you know if it uses up my intenet allowance (would not want to risk that) on my phone when I play it or does it run via my wifi when I am at home?
It is rather tedious playing on such a small screen, but I had been considering getting an i-pad for a while. Maybe when the first paycheck from my new job comes in ...
Your WiFi should pick it up as long as you're in range! Make sure they hold up their end and give you some resources!!
Hi Tigger,

they did give me a few axes (only about 6, I think - but better than nothing). There was some silver as well, but not sure how much.
They should have given you the resources that you already incurred from your other game but I guess something is better than nothing! Enjoy..brightwood was always my favorite game!