David Imgrund 2 years ago in Technical Issue/Bug Report • updated 2 years ago 7

Recently I am getting spammed in Brightwood to the point of wanting to walk away or stop playing. Every two minutes the game takes me into a pop-up screen trying to sell me on some new game or application. No idea how this started and no matter how many times I say no they keep coming back

I am having the same problem. I've invested a lot of money in enjoying this game but I too will wash my hands of Brightwood if this isn't fixed immediately!


At the same time the spam appeared, I list 3 or 400 golden coins --

I am assuming you mean LOST gold coins

lol -yes I LOST my gold coins. Really frustrated with the popup games though. It takes a long time to get back to the game.


And a week later they still have not answered or addressed the issue.

Same problem! It's making my hair hurt it frustrates me so much! Game has to reload after each ad which can pop-up every few seconds. Sick of it!!!!!

I have posted in this forum and sent a trouble ticket. They have no answer so they refuse to answer and hope we will keep on playing. For me, since it is a free app, despite the ads, I may keep playing, when bored. It will certainly reduce the amount of time that I do spend playing and I will no longer buy resources while this spamming goes on.