Darlene Hyman 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Serene 1 year ago 2

It would be so nice if we could have more than 1 bee hive. It takes about 2 days just get 1 honey. The pickle shop alone needs 30 honey's, it's gonna take 2 months to complete. I also need about 30 more honey to complete other buildings, this is really trying my patience n I'm a patient person. Also would be nice to get more than 1 axe each time you level, the game is stingy with axes also. I actually like this game n I pretty much play everyday but it's slow as molasses. One more thing, there should be a confirm button for using the gold, I accidentally touched it instead of the icon next to it to send for request of ladders. I did not want to spend my gold, I only have a little at a time n I save it to get a quest back when timne runs out, which always does because I don't get enough axes to search to complete the quest. Sincerely hoping to keep playing.

more axes i get about 3 a day. Cant find the quary getting really no where with the same.


Did anyone from the company reply back to you? I am having the same issue, 1 honey every 2 days and tons of quests and building needing honey and axes.