We need more honey!

cindy_ettel 7 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Admin-Anna 7 months ago 3

At level 17, I now need at least 16 honey, one bee hive only produces one honey every 24 hours, not enough.  PLEASE give us another couple places to get honey for all these quests and buildings!

Thank you for sharing your comments about the game. We have passed them to the team, we will work on adding more honey generators in the game. 

I am now at level 21 and need approximately 75 or 100 honey to complete buildings and quests! It regenerates every 24 hours and another hour or two to make honey.  How do you possibly think people will wait around for this and not lose interest and quit this game?  You must correct how often we get honey and also quarry stones!  And then there are the buckled hats with no place to get them...has this game been thought out by its creators?  It seems impossible to play...

We have passed on your feedback to the team. We will try to add extra building in the game.