hi Geodee67,
im looking for one more team member to join us we do well but want to soar to the top ill send u a neighbor invite if u would like to join us on this upcomming season...
What level are you and how often do you play?  It was suggested to me a while ago when I posted that that I inform what level and how often I play.  Now I know why.
I need a good team to join too! I am level 72 and play all the time, at least 5 times a day. I do well on the challenges but haven't been on a full team until last weekend. It was so nice to not be the only one participating!!

My island id is hak1234
hello heather, 
have u found a team yet ? im still looking for one more person to join our team i sent u a neighbor invite if u want to join our team.
Thanks, Sarah!
I accepted your neighbor request.

Heather and Sarah i sent a neighbor request for future challenges. names Phreakazoid
hi i excepted ur neighbor and i sent u an invite to be on our team i have one spot left hope to see u soon...