Spirit Boost reward issue - Team Challenge

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Hi Islanders,

There have been reports from players that spirit boost rewards is not credited during the 7 days post Team Challenge. Our developers have looked into this and have found the issue. 

During the 7 days post Team Challenge, if you visit Atlantis and return home, spirit boost is not credited in your account. Our developers are currently working on this and will be fixed soon. I'll update here once it's fixed. I'd suggest you not to visit Atlantis until we fix the Spirit Boost reward issue.


If you do visit Atlantis during the Boost reward period and return to your island, the boost reward will stop crediting in your account. At this point of time to resolve this issue, exit and relaunch the game, and the Boost reward will get activated in your account.

If you are facing this issue, please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com. Not to worry, you will be compensated for this issue.

This is not true.  I emailed support every time it happened and the steps I took to make it happen.  I did not get my spirit bonus three times over the weekend because I learned how to get it.  I emailed support to let them know and Anna just emailed me informing me that I am getting it now.  Well of course I am.  Are you going to compensate me the coin I am going to loose by not visiting Atlantis because you still have not credited me the coin from the butterfly challenge for 7 logs in and no coin bonus.
Kb, your not losing anything if you don't go to atlantis while kiwi looks into the issue. Kiwi is supporting the game by looking into it. They let players know they are looking into it and researching it. By doing that, they, kiwi is being supportive. Kiwi is trying to be helpful to players while they look into the matter. Honestly, I really do not think google will really do a thing to help you because kiwi does support their games. Evidence of that is and has been shown here in the forum. Maybe not to your satisfaction, for that I'm sorry. But we don't win them all every time, right? And you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But its only your opinion.... mine is, that they do support their games, and by answeing questions put here, answering emails, thats supporting the game(s). 
Jennifer, I am not sure how much money you spend on this game but over the past two years I have spent a lot.  I am looking something by not going to Atlantis, I am loosing my coin.  I don't get the coins from Atlantis, and to top it off I didn't get my coin bonus, just like I didn't get my spirit bonus and I still have not been credited for that.  So please don't tell me that they support the game.  I understand that you may think they are supporting the game because they make a couple of posts and say they will look into things, but what is the end result?  There isn't one.  You post a problem in the forum the ADMIN tells you to email support, you email support the problem and they say there is no problem.  Then they say a problem is fixed and it is not fixed yet they say it is fixed then they come back with oops it is not fixed.  Can you tell me how that is supporting the game?  Can you tell me what your perception of support is?  Do you understand what online gaming support is?  Because I do and they do give support.  they may answer questions, and answer emails but how do they fix the problems?  By saying there are no problems or not responding or not fixing the problem.  Looking into something is one thing doing something about it another.
My spirit boost or not was very intermittent.  Not Atlantis related. Maybe w logoff and logon. Quite a disincentive for me. 
It didn't matter if I went to Atlantis or not, I didn't get my bonus most all of the time. I finally started clearing cache would get some bonus on some houses and not on others then it would stop completely in a matter of a minute. It takes longer than that. For me to log on and off.
And btw- it's 30 mins after challenge and I have NO bonus based on this tc either.
Same here.  I didn't go to Atlantis at all this weekend, yet I lost my spirit bonus. 
As soon as the challenge started I noticed that the spirit boost was gone. I don't know for sure when it stopped. The same thing happened last week with the silver bonus. 
A big thumbs up to the player who realized that the bonus quit working after going to Atlantis! I can only imagine the frustrated tech whose tests kept saying no problem. Perhaps those having the problem but not Atlantis oriented could check if bonus stops when they leave the main screen. Does it stop working when you use the market? Go to inventory? Visit neighbors? Just a thought...
I didn't go much to Atlantis, more restarting the game to get the seeweed-generator for the challange (again restart to get the generator!!). Every restart and visting Atlantis and neighbors: lost my 100%-spirit bonus. Luckally it was 100%, so I could check it with the shelter. Restarting the game solved it mostly.
Also checking postings here on this forum with Google Chrome, so deactivating the app and then returning. Sometimes after getting reward of Acai-trees, so restart
Nothing built during the challenge, except the generator of course. Mostly I don't have any stonecuttermade buildings, no brickmade.
Kb, you have mentioned in other areas I have read, that kiwi doesn't support the game at all. But in my opinion, I feel they are by getting back to us and giving us advice about not going to atlantis so we don't spend any coin, hence, we don't lose any coin, hence lose any potential bonus while they look into it for us. That's all I was getting at. And I believe this was the right area for this response on this because it deals with the reward issue! And yes I do know exactly what I am speaking about. I used to work for a software company and know exactly how they work and wrote my own computer program when I was thirteen years old! Frankly its none of your business if I spend any money on this game or not, I was only trying to be helpful! Boy the nerve of people to take things completely out of context!
Some people are really sensitive right now because of the issues that have happened over the past three weeks and rightfully so.  I don't think you were wrong for stating your opinion everyone has their perception, I just think that it should have been done in a different area of the forum other than the post that ADMIN created specifically for the problems that people were having with the invites.  Everyone has a different issue with the invites and ADMIN was trying to get all of the issues to fix them at one time.  That's all.  I know Wayne is very irate right now and again rightfully so because he has experienced some serious issues.  The problem with chat is that you are right it can be taken out of context.  I will give credit where credit is due and we can agree to disagree we just have different perceptions.  If you are offended then maybe you should look at that because maybe you took what I said out of context.  
That's a really good thought mary. I didn't have issues. But I always clear my data several times a day too........
Hi All,

If you have faced this issue, please contact our Support Team and they'll be able to verify your account about any lost resources and restore them in your account.

Anna did give me more spirit then I lost, also one or two swords. Emailed me back on Monday, then again when it didn't worked. Restarted game mostly solved it, also had bad internet connection (then after 3 bad connections server issues).
So maybe that is why I never experienced the loss of the boost.  Every time I return from Atlantis, my game crashes so I have to restart it.  
Do you face this crash issue everytime you return from Atlantis? If so, please email Support team and they'll be able to investigate your account further and fix this issue soon.
RTS, yes, every time.  I sent an email to Support about 4 hours ago with the details. 
Thank you Kiwi for looking at the problem, informing us of the solution, and compensating us for the lost bonus.  Thank You for taking a more active part in informing us of what is going on and what you are doing to fix it.
Wow Mary, that is a good thought.  It didn't matter if I went to Atlantis or not.  It happened every time I signed it and I had to clear my cache but I did visit my neighbors.  I hope Kiwi sees that and maybe while they are looking at the Atlantis problem check that out to so that it doesn't happen in the future.  You know another thought could be this as well, when they say something is fixed it very well could be in that section of code, but in another section it could not be fixed and maybe that is why the team invites keep messing up.  Thumbs up to ADMIN for creating a specific topic just for the invite issue.
Thank you Karen, much appreciated:)

Yes. the Boost reward issue with Atlantis visit is found and the fix will be implemented in our upcoming release (will update as to which release this issue gets fixed). Until then, if you do visit Atlantis and return to your island, please be sure to relaunch the game which will ensure the Boost reward stays on.

Thank you all for being patient with this issue.
Missed this weekends TC but past ones I was going to say I never lost the bonus going to Atlantis then remembered why it never effected me in the past. Once I'd complete what was needed in Atlantis, I'd click icon to go home but game would always crash making me have to load game back up anyways. Hope they come out with 0% building and watering again. Its awesome for leveling up.