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Any information about the new harvest season ??
I haven't been able to find anything!! A little hint may help kiwi please!!!!
Remember everyone, the more people who like the post the more likely we will get an answer since kiwi is NEVER forthcoming about what us coming up or informative to what changes are going to be made.  Remember LIKE the post please.  Thanks
Harvest season is another month long challenge,  we will know that details tomorrow morning,  good luck Teams!
Hello all, 

Harvest season - Team Challenge details is now posted under "News & Announcement" category. 

Good luck to all:)

Sky butterfly Challenge!!
They may be open but you have not corrected the invite option.   Where are the updates?   You told us it would be corrected and it isn't.   FIX IT LIKE YOU SAID YOU WERE going to.
It may be open but you have not correctd the invite issue. I now have invited those that I did not wish too.....
Same here, though the screen does not seem as touchy as it was.  Still, invites were sent that weren't expected.
Mine were very sensititve. People invited that I never touched...its like an automatic thing
This is very frustrating,  I've already lost one TM over this issue.
I already posted about it under updates, team invites, kiwi you suck.
Hi all, 

Our new invite feature is all ready and set to go in our next version update,  next few days. 
The next few days WILL NOT help anyone on THIS TC! Oncea tTC starts, invites are locked closed.