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I keep making aquariums and my personal score drops but they show up in my team as done ? also went to be was at 21881 got up and was at 21682? how do you drop like that in just a few hours now have worked my way back up to 21896 
Unfortunately the team score is from your work! If they're all working the team score should reflect it! The score goes up & down the entire challenge depending on other teams pulling ahead of your team. It Is not fair to see all hard work go down. The release of the update say's the entire team scores are calculated into final score! Go to the news updates and read! If you have sleeper's that is 
Part of the problem! Been in same position in past and think it unfair. Good luck!
Sorry I forgot to say, the last TC was so hard that I couldn't be as productive as I usually am. It took the fun out of the entire challenge! Time consuming & expensive, I finished with no resources at all. It's not easy to replenish all the loss.if this weeks TC is any harder I am likely not keeping the game! Fun it was, this past one left a lot of us wondering why we wasted our weekend fighting to keep up. That's not  fun!!!
My TMs and I are in the same boat! It's already Wed and not even close to regaining what I went throughs Oct 20th is last day of the season. 
I hear you! I hope kiwi does too!! I am not even close to having the resources to be in a TC!!!! I am starting to think this is where they are trying to force purchases of resources for the new challenge! Not all of us can due to financial issues and having purchase issues in past that that prevents trying again!! Seems Android devices in general causes the problem! Good luck!