Team Challenge 10/25 - updates

Karen Bierman 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Sally7 3 years ago 8
So you have cleared our shield points but given us no explanation of why.  I know that seaside season is done and you are starting something new,  can you please tell us what you are doing now so the players can be informed and not drop a bomb on us on Friday when everyone leaves for the weekend. 
Also, where is the UPDATE you told us about?  I think it is only right that you share with group what is going on.  Please players LIKE this so we get a quicker response. 
The players were told that the update would be applied to this team challenge.  It was not.  None of the questions I asked were answered, and please do not tell me to be excited when Kiwi can't follow through on what they said they were going to fix.
Why was the update NOT applied to this team challenge?  Since the update was not applied are you going to fix my shield points to reflect what I should have and not base it on the team where one of the people are inactive, so my score keeps dropping.
Customer Service is not servicing the players.  They continue to tell us that things will be fixed only to find out they are not then YOU KIWI close for the weekend during the team challenge.  How nice for you.  VERY UNSATISFIED
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Don't know if will do any good but it gets my vote 
Hi Karen,

As you might know, Season 2 has started - Harvest Season.  More exciting Team Challenges are on their way.

How does that help me now.  I see that season two has started, please do not insult my intelligence and talk to me like I am a child.  Kiwi LIED!.  There was never a fix, there was never an update, and team challenges are no longer exciting. 
Yes kiwi needs to stop treeting us like mushrooms keeping us in the dark and shoveling sh-- on us
Like others,  I have spent alot of real money to improve my island and be competitive on tcs only to see sleepers lower my ranking while out scoring me when they have done nothing! How is this fair? Should I become a sleeper?  I am so discouraged that I am ready to give up on this game. I am considering uninstalling this game and finding one that is more enjoyable and real money counts and the admin and developers have less problems or truly, quickly and honestly fix their problems.  And listen to players suggestions to have a more fun and enjoyable gaming experience. 
Don't leave we need you 
What if you want to exit the team,because,your the only,one playing?
 Hi do u want a new neighbor & team member ?