looking for team or teammates

Wayne Rasmussen 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Magnat 3 years ago 20
I'm on lev. 120 and tired of doing all the work, please invite me on to your team, or lets start a new one, looking for teamates who at least try at t.c. my kiwi isl name is WARriorIsl. thank you sincerely, Wayne Rasmussen
I tried to add you yesterday and three WARriors 1 came up with different numbers after the "1". 
I just sent you a friend request. I can add you to my team
I tried to invite you to be my neighbor but couldn't find you.  Silky4life, I sent you an invite also.  I also tried to invite Lunardawn702 but couldn't find you.  My kiwi name is LisaHenning.
Lisa, I also sent you an invite as well did you find a team?  It would be nice if people would repost kind of like I did in the other forum that I found a team.
L- I will try adding you today. 
Hey guys. I just saw this post.  Is your team full? 
Hi W. I have you in my list. Sent you invite for TC yesterday.  You visited me shortly after but didn't join. We would love to have you join us in next TC!  
I need more neighbor's. Please add me. Cayla12
Cayla it was suggested to me that I put my level, how often I play, and if you play team challenges.  Yoy can add me my kiwi name is sunshine 24.  There are three of them from what I hear but go ahead and I will accept.
I am level 150 my kiwi name is sunshine 24 send me a request
Wayne,  WARrior1 you are wanted by my team for Harvest TC! Contact me by email at lunardawn702@Gmail.com Thanks!!
Soz LD but not a good idea to give out you're email address on the forum bit safer on chat you don't know you is out there better to just put your level If You play all the TC s and maybe a little about the team like got great team all very committed or something similar as being in top 10 get a lot targeting you but also things like pretending to be say your local super market and so on be careful good luck 
I'm in need of team mates. Please add me to your team. Bron86
Wayne, lunardawn said that I should send you an invite so I did, as a matter of fact I have sent a few, if you don't want to accept the invite that would be fine, I am not hurting for neighbors.  As a matter of fact I purchased more neighbor slots so that I could invite you.  So my questions are this...
Did you get the invite?
Are you going to accept the invite?
Lastly, if you are going to post in the forum that you need a team and you have found one it would be nice if you posted that you found a team so people will stop inviting you.  :)
Warrior can you please accept lunardawn's invite to the team?  Thanks.  We have everyone but you.  I am on her team and I can't invite you for some reason.
Bron and Luna. Sent you friend requests
Hey Tucker if you want to send me a neighbor request I will accept.  I don't know if you have a team or not but as mag said it's always good to look at your neighbors island and see if they are active neighbors.  It was also suggested to me a while ago to put my level and how often I play.  Any Hoo, my team is full but I have open neighbor slots.
ID. sunshine24
Hi bb can you send me neighbours invite.  Will except but would like to know a bit about you for Tc we do need one more player  but like to known  your level how often you play  if your new to Tc thanks