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Is anyone having issues with there TC Score not adding in a team member who is actually working the challenge?? We are a team of 4 and the 1 teammates totals are not showing in his place or on our total TC urchin cove! Anyone please! I am freaking out!
Visit the island and see if they have the building's if not then hope to you but i know what add do
Yes! I could tell the TMs was working by the score under the name. I logged out and turned my phone off. When I powered back up I could see the number that TMs built
Thanks Magnat, I know for a fact that he has & also doing TC as his score jumped by over 6k. It actually shows 1 on his score towards tc. Another teammates said he needed to clear his cache. Team chat isn't going to him either! I hope Kiwi can correct the problem and adjust our scores on Monday! Hard TC. They really pushed everyone on this TC. Shouldn't have same building to produce Multiple items. Just not fun when you have to stay glued to the same items without a break!
Hi to both of you that's good at least you know where you stand and must admit i prefer when its crops i know it's till the same things over and over but more chance of counting them so dont have to keep doing a check good luck at the moment i am locked out