Team Challenge - Catfish Craze

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Hello Islanders,

Are you guys all set for our upcoming Team Challenge -Catfish Craze? 

This team challenge revolves around crafting and will require you to purchase (if you don't have them already) 3 New Buildings:

1) "Tide Pool Tavern" (generator)
2) "Estuary Estate" (generator)
3) "Aquarium" (crafting building)

The Challenge will be to craft a "Catfish Corners" in the Aquarium using catfish (from the Estuary Estate) and kelp (from the Tide Pool Tavern)


- You will need to upgrade the Tide Pool Generator to level 4 to retrieve Kelp.
- You will need to upgrade the Estuary Estate to level 2 to retrieve catfish.
- You will need to upgrade the Aquarium to level 4 to craft Catfish corner.

Title Details Rank wise:

Ranks 1-3:            +600% Silver    12500 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10:          +300% Silver    11000 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100:      +125% Silver    9000 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500:    +60% Silver      7500 Rating Points
Ranks 501-2000:  +40% Silver       6500 Rating Points

The Team bonus that you win will be valid for 7 days. 

Start forming your teams now!  The Challenge starts on Saturday, 18th October.

If you have any questions or doubts related to Scores and rewards of Team Challenge, please check our Team Challenge FAQ's section -- Team Challenge FAQ's

Good luck to all participants!!

Thank you,
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