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The urchin challenge was very expensive in coins and cheer. Could we have one that's a little more affordable?  Also, 2 items made from one place is confusing and mega time consuming. Anyone else agree?
I agree, but that's why they call it a challenge!
I realize that but it takes some of the fun out when you work hard all week to build up coins and cheer then have to buy them during the challenge just to keep your standing. Especially for the lower level players. 
Hi Game Gal, I just needed to let you know I won't be able to do the TC this weekend due to difficulties with game loading.  Hopefully fixed by next week.  Sorry!  :~(
I agree and I don't think it was fair for people who are lowered level and didn't have the resources to craft.
I didn't realize it was over so quickly. Its not just me right, it did start today & end today right?
No, the challenge started on Saturday morning! So sorry! It always start & end at the same time! It's announced Friday to form your teammates. You can go into FAQ's under your settings button and  find kiwi support and forums! Good luck. I hope this helps!
I agree, I'm going to have to work hard to make up all my spirit.
Hey everyone- when you agree with a topic, VOTE for it or LIKE it to get the attention of Kiwi.  If you don't agree, VOTE or give it a THUMBS DOWN. That's the reason for this type of forum so they can address issues and players can see if there's a resolution. 
This last weeks tc was time consuming, no prep time so all resources are depleted for everyone.... going to take long time to rebuild... hope next tc won't be as time consuming and we get prep time!
You are taking the fun out of playing tc. Fix the invite bug. Fix the scoring crap and stop making it a full time job that costs to much. I realize kiwi is in the business for the money but this is like robbing people. You would think with the 16 million doller investment they just received and all the money they collect from us poor addicited players that they could afford decent customer service.