my team

ginger jacoby 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Jennifer La Counte 3 years ago 5
I tried to invite my team this week and it did not work so I  am  team of one again and it no fun 
And 1/2 the time my team chat does not work
Can you help me out with this
I had to change my keyboard settings in order for my chat to work.

I was assigned to a random team. A full day into it and the other three are not playing. Thanks for giving me these teammates. Grrrrr.
End of tc w random teammates.  Two did not play at all and the third got six items and communicated in french that he.she didn't speak English. ..USELESS? THANK YOU FOR A LOUSY CHALLENGE. 
What other languages do you speak, Pwotds?
Ptwods, sorry to hear you  having hrd time. Is it just sw-li, or is it sw-vi, too?