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where can we find our courage?  what happened to the daily bonus? (Yes I have cleared my cache/data)
Good question; not really sure,  myself. 
Very good question. Wish someone from Kiwi would answer this question.
I just noticed that I have one more sword. That would make it Day 4. Perhaps we still get the daily, just not the announcement yet. In 2 days, I should get one gold. I'll watch for it. Hopefully the announcement will be back with the next update.
I am also curious as to where the daily bonuses went...
I did get 1 gold today, so I am still getting the daily bonus, just not the notification screen. I suggest everyone watch their gold and sword count. They will hopefully put the notification screen back in their next update.
I'd also like to know what happened to the Courage display. I'll keep an eye out for my gold to to increase as a way to confirm that we still get daily rewards without notification.
Trying to play the current challange on my tablet and it will not let me download the aquarium whats up
If you played last challenge, you need to upgrade aquarium to level 2. It looks like a fish bowl. 
Hello all, 
The courage points do get added just that it does not get displayed. It's been replaced by Ranking points in display. Once you've gained courage points and crossed a level, you will receive a pop up message about more buildings available for build. 
But that tell us how much courage we need for more houses.  Our how much courage is taken away when seek stuff.  You didn't ask the players about taking away the courage screen, so now we are telling you, we want the courage points displayed.  There are so many posts about it all over the forum.  All the players wasn't the courage points displayed, somehow.
In the other hand: I fear an additional icon needs screenspace.
When I played on  my mobile device I was annoyed from the several icons occupying screen space.
Cant u guys show us the courage level?
Please bring back the courage display, grouping it in is not right.  If I only want courage points and I need so many it effects what I purchase from the decor.  It was better displaying the courage points, if I would have known that it effected my ranking points I would have purchased more decor.  Just wrong on so many levels.  If you agree to bring back the courage display thank LIKE the post that way Kiwi will take notice of it.
It's a bit weird now i have the two games running waiting for kiwi to fix things on my nnew tab can still see the blue faces i say blue as only have a few neighbor's and all blue 
Please display the courage somewhere. 
Hi all, 

We did replace the courage points display with team challenge trophy points.  The courage points you earn in game will be recorded in your account and when it reaches the level,  you do receive a pop up message about this and shows how many new buildings become available.
But we can't see how many courage points we have.  We use to be able to see that.  Grouping it in does not help us.  Please bring back the display of courage points or find somewhere you can put it so we can see how many courage points we have.
Hi Karen,

Firstly, I'd really appreciate your concern and suggestions. This will definitely be passed on to our development team which will be reviewed.
Ok we will start with my concerns.  Why is it that the other Kiwi games, as far as I know anyway, with Westbound, there are not these kinds of issues.  First of all you changed the courage points to shield points and started seaside season.  Then without even asking the players who spend the money on the game you automatically send invites to everyone even though some people had a regular team.  My concern is that the developers are making the changes without asking the players.  You gave us a forum, use it.  Ask us what we want. 
My other concern is that Maximus informed the entire forum that there would be a fix to the problem before this challenge started.  So people with the regular teams could stay on the same teams.  That DID NOT happen.  WHY?
My suggestion is this:
First:  Bring back the courage points display somehow
Second: FIX the team challenge invite and make it a  priority and don't tell us that there is a fix that doesn't happen.
Third: Read the forum.  Look at the suggestions the players would like
Fourth: Decor - Make the decor easier to find for instance make a section for letters, paths, flowers, Misc.  I can't stand wanting to purchase a stone head and scrolling though 100+ items just to get to the one item.  It is time consuming and sometimes when scrolling something else gets clicked and you have start all over again.
When there is a problem FIX IT.  Don't tell us what you intend to do tell us what you are going to do and make it happen.  
I really appreciate your suggestions and feedback. We definitely do look into the suggestions provided by everyone and do pass the same across to our development team which gets reviewed further. Our goal is to have a better gaming experience. 
Wow RTS, if I had 1 gold bar for every time I heard that I would never have to buy gold again. If your goal is for us to have a better gaming experience then why do you continuously lie to us and make changes without asking the players? We have told you bring back your courage. Display how many posts do you need to have to see that? I gave you my concerns and suggestions I've given to you before and nothing ever happenKiwi does not fix the if Kiwi does not fix the problems that the players are having then my post will not only include email addresses but they will also include phone numbers stop lying to us and treating us like children.
As a low level player with limited resources, knowing how many courage points I have will help me to buy the right decor items to get more courage to buy more houses to get more resources
Soz RTS but we need it back if not the count at least let us have smiley or grumpy back it's not just about the house's we can build we know it will stop us buying to many but there's no way of telling if we have too much deco so then end up with problems getting on are island and lots more dose nobody think about the customer the blue heads let us know why these things are happening then we can adjust are deco kiwi please get this right we are all fed up with the mess 
What KB is trying to say polity is stop treating us like 5 year olds we are all past the fairy tales age ( STOP LYING TO US )
Hi all, 

Absolutely, we definitely do listen to our players suggestions and feedback which will be reviewed further.

We apologize for all the inconvenience caused. Rest assured we are diligently working to deliver a good overall game experience.

I really thank you all for the suggestions and feedback provided. 
By when will we have an answer to the questions asked above? A day, week, month, year? You keep giving us this holding response, but it is meaningless without specifically what you are going to do and by when it will be done. Issues are regularly being hailed as fixed when not being fixed. Can we have an explanation of what has been going wrong and what is being done to fix it? 

The courage display should be back in game,  our developers are working on this to get it to display as earlier. I'll update once I have more info on this. 

About the daily bonus,  it's working fine as intended. If you are facing issues with this, please email our support team and they'll look into this further. 
What daily bonus??? I haven't seen any since season challenges started several months ago.
Under review
Don't you see the Daily Bonus rewards everyday you launch the game?
Yes, after the team challenge they started showing. I will watch for them during this weeks challenge to make sure it is still showing up and let you know! Thanks!

Hey All,

Our Facebook contest has started. Please check the topic in News & Announcement for more details on how you could win swords!!
So I see that about 4 months ago you said the courage meter should be back.... IT IS NOT!!!! Why do I not have a courage meter? 
Hi Erica..you read my mind, I was just thinking of reopening this topic because KIWI has never done anything. It would be better to start a new topic instead of adding to this old topic.
I've had a word with our engineering team and it should be back in near future. We are working on this to bring it back.
Here is a list of things that most players agree on that you should do do make a better gaming experience for us all....

1. Bring back the courage display

2. Do like candy crush does with lives and just regenerate swords every 30 min. Most quests that you made for the game revolve around having swords.

3. When it comes to a challenge weekend please incorporate more individual challenges. Most team challenges have sleepers that seem to benefit from the work of the other individuals on the team which is not fair. I worked hard on the last challenge tapping away to near carpal tunnel and spent at least 10 bucks for boosters so I could gain on the leader board just to see people on my team who weren't doing anything at the same level as me. That's not right.

4. Stop being money hungry. I'm sick of getting onto the game and having like 5 ads to buy stuff in the game, in my face, blocking my screen. We know where the in app shop is....put your "deals" on display there. Yall only seem to care about your own pockets and not the players.

5. Make building times more reasonable. Some of the buildings take way too long. We want to play and have fun......not wait 8 hours just to build a flour mill when it only takes like an hour to erect a consulate. That makes no sense. Anything past 2 hours to make a digital building is ridiculous.

6. If you really want people to buy stuff in app you might want to consider making stuff cheaper. Really? 2.99 for 15 swords that get used up in just a few minutes? That's expensive. Trust me I've spent my fair share on swords.....I know. but as I've said in number 1 swords should regenerate every half hour since the quests revolve around them. Everything else though I don't mind being up for purchase....just make it a little cheaper.

7. Cut down on limited edition quests. That's just another way your company is telling us BUY BUY BUY! I haven't finished most of the limited edition quests because they either require an arsenal of swords to find stuff in the jungle or certain quest items cost an unreal amount of gold. Not to mention they really take away from the main quests of the game.

8. Explain the Team Challenges or individual challenges at least a day prior to the start. Like "hey this week's challenge is blank. This is what you'll need to do or have for this challenge. This is what the challenge will be. This is how you will do the challenge" prepare your players.....we want to be prepared.

9. Listen to us. There is a forum for a reason. We don't type and gripe for our health. I read a bunch of these last night and most people on here have noted and gave you all the same complaints I am now......and you seem to have changed nothing. you ask us to provide suggestions for a better gaming experience and here we are telling you what we want......so make the changes.

Help please, my ghost ship is not displaying nuuk island. Any idea anyone?