game freezes

Sharon Hodges 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated 3 years ago 2
why does my game freeze, become unresponsive, or just stops. I have to go out of the game and wait 3 to 5 minutes before trying again. This is very frustrating especially during TC.
Satisfaction mark by Sharon Hodges 3 years ago
Hi Sharon,

Sorry to hear about this issue. Please do email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and our technical team will investigate further and resolve the game freezing issue you've been experiencing.
still can't visit all of my neighbors, now I am having trouble going shopping, harvesting and any number of things because game freezes or kicks me off. Please check for bugs or virus. With TC starting I do not want to have to worry about freezing or kicking me off game as it takes time to get back on island.  this has been going on since April I have lost thousands and thousands of potions because of it.  I am sure it is in the game as I have seen other people having the same problem and it doesn't happen on any other games that I play.  please fix as soon as possible and if you would try and figure out about how many potions I have lost since April and add a generous amount to my existing potions.  you could also add swords and gold for the aggravation I have gone through all these months with no fixes after contacting you quite often.  if I didn't have so much real cash invested in this game I would not play anymore please fix.  thank you