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I have noticed that on and off this past week that I haven't been receiving 100% silver bonus that I worked very hard for in last week's TC.  I noticed it on and off previously even at 125% but said nothing. This time I AM saying so now. This is totally unfair and just flat out wrong! Like so many other disgruntled players, I am angry at the real money I have spent to create this island to make it efficient enough not to have to spend so much except for gold and swords, which are impossible to have enough of to complete quests as it is. I adore the many friends I have made playing this game, how people help one another and how the forum for this game is about the game and not a bunch raunchy and explicit chat I have seen on other games that I wanted to play and promptly uninstalled.  Would you please look into this issue and apply the losses due to me?
I've also noticed the same thing happening.  
Same thing happened to me. I emailed Kiwi but have received no response yet.
Exact thing happened to me. No rewards at all the whole weekend!
Hi S, I have posted this message and used your screen name! Good luck with you getting any back! Jan
I didn't pay much attention this weekend,  but at first my spirit bonus today had not kicked in.  Luckily, I cleared data then restarted my phone, and that fixed it.  This is an ongoing problem, though, because a three weeks ago I noticed I was getting slightly too much spirit bonus (which I did email Kiwi about).  These technical issues are really starting to pile up for them...
So here the response I got from Kiwi regarding the silver bonus.  I have attached a screen shot of the email.
I got a similar response,  telling me the ticket was closed and that the bonus is spirit this week.  Needless to say I emailed straight back telling them the issue was about last week's bonus and not this weeks!
I emailed them back as well letting them know it was last weeks bonus.  Not this week.  Did you get a response?
I put in a post on how we can stop this happing but think there removing the ones that will give us some power ill try again tomorrow 
Mag would you please email me your posts at ksbierman@gmail.com that is my kiwi id if you email me your post and you post it and I send the post to my team and we ask post it then maybe it will get posted.  They didn't take down my the post about giving then a bad rating.  Let's ask work together and yes your email address will stay private between you and me!
Hi All,

During the last week's challenge we did randomly check for few users and the silver rewards were being credited. If you notice the same with the spirit boost, please immediately email us at support-sw@kiwiup.com , so that we will be able to test it.

I do know for a fact that one of mine never posted nor am I able to find a copy of it.