tried to send team invites and it sent to one's I didn't select

kristenfer 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Karen Bierman 3 years ago 9
Tried to send invites to my team and the screen was selecting people in my friends list i didn't click on and wouldn't let me unselect them. Help. Please.
Everyone having same problem.  When you see a problem in discussions that you have, vote thumbs up so it will bring to kiwis attention. 
This is a major issue!! I had a new person join my team from forum and I have another team mate that was shut out last TC, Star Fish due to same issues. You can't scroll down it just invites randomly! 2 nd week in a row!!! Arg Mate's, let's p!under Kiwi!!! scurvy hound's!!!! Lol just kidding! Gotta laugh
In the new TC look, when an user sends an invite in neighbor, the invitee is automatically sent to all your neighbors. 
For this reason I have had to delete all my neighbours apart from the 3 on my team!!!
I was also wondering if I've got to resort to that option
Bit drastic but the only way to guarantee your team stays the same
Sorry for the hassle. We'll look into the invite option for any changes. For now, the invitee will be sent to all neighbors. 
I have a request but  when I try to open just get a blank screen and do not get a response  even when I try to tap all over !!!! How can u get the 4 th player?
I had the same problem.   It invited someone that is not on my active team.  I had to send a message in team chat and ask them to move to another team.  This is a major issue second week in a row this happened.   Everyone vote thumbs up.  I also emailed customer support.