Three weeks in a row. Tired of this question. Time for answers please!
Hi tam think were all in the dark but sounds like kiwi just not got round to counting yours yet if you have been with the same team all along then you all should be same score which i think is a bummer individual payments would encourage he ones falling behind to move a bit faster but who knows what the out come will be but i am sure that kiwi not give you the ok yet so just have to hang in there good luck 
Thanks for the encouragement!
Your welcome can see when i visited your no sleeper you will get there 
Under review
Are you referring to the trophies earned when compared to others?  What exactly you'd like to clarify? 
I am referring to the seaside season rankings. I put a lot of effort into the challenges and I don't feel the ranking shows this. If I do 3000 and a teammate does 400 I should have more points. We should not have the same points. We should get consideration for our individual efforts because some do not produce as many challenge items.
Tams right kiwi will get back to you 
I have said this before even if i do not have the top score on my team witch i do not still think it's only fair but still live in hope that when all is counted up at the end the top 20 individuals will get a separate payout of sword's or gold maybe iam dreaming but in my opinion it will make us all try harder plus give players like tam who's TM are not all putting in the same effort i chance to get a top prize i am sure this will work better for players and bring in more cash for kiwi i suggested this months ago and live in hope that sanity will rain 
Tam take a look at warning to kiwi
Thank you magnat for the support!!!!
Your welcome tam think we all need to stick together on this one it's a pity they don't but all would benefit in the long run 
I'm almost ready to stop playing challenges all together. If I didn't put big points on the board for my team I wouldn't do them any more. Games are supposed to be fun but this is must becoming work.  Involves 4 days a week starting with gathering a team on Friday till end on Monday. It's a challenge game now not the quest game I love. Maybe every other week would be better.  We could have the game we started playing back with a bonus every other weekend.
I agree with you all on the challenges I have finally found a team that at least everyone participates in even if they do not work as hard as i do . I also  realize that not all my teammates are on the same level as I am  and therefore can not keep up with my pace even if they wanted to , but they seem to have better levels than I. Perhaps they finished at a higher level before we became teammates . I hope all this gets worked out soon .  well I typed this twice I hope I dont delete it again  before I get it posted 
Tam or you playing on iPad  or iPhone 
I am playing on cellphone. I have a droid.
Thanks tam trying to find someone playing on ipad cell 
Still no credit for individual effort. I have done 2700 while  others are less and are carrying more points because of a previous higher ranking team. This is unfair to someone who puts a lot into each challenge but does not have a permanent team.
This is my last challenge! I've been trying to get Kiwi to fix the constant loading and crashing problems for three months. Took me 3 hours to clear my island because of game play problems. Can't gather enough spirit during the week to play a challenge and I'm not buying any more.
Challenges aren't even fun just a chore now. MeHippy, YouLazy and Suggwi are my team mates. They will be needing a 4th since I'm done. Can't chat with them to let them know. Game crashes every time I try.
Tam296, my team plays on droid
Hi tam see wer your coming from think this was supposed to stop us dumping player and to make it fair to all but not working and think we just have to trust are own judgment i can see by looking at your island you are a good player we lost are best player this week which still not Sure how but 3 of the bears not happy about it but what can we do anyway hope you get sorted out for next one 
I put their names backwards, it's YouHippy and MeLazy.! It's a couple so they always play together
I think I am done too! Too expensive for me! Spent 15 million silver in two weeks of challenges to carry others! So tired of it! Not any fun at all! Just expensive, time consuming, and a big disappointment!!!!!
I've done everything Kiwi told me to get game play right. Loading is a bit better but still crashes or freezes every single time I try to play. After clearing data and cache the lag time is horrible! They ruined this game for me and the waste of money spent on spirit has me seriously thinking of deleting ALL of the Kiwi games. I bought spirit because I couldn't gather on my own island and was giving Kiwi time to fix the problem. Three months is more than enough time!