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Hi All,

In recent times, there have been lots of feedback about the Team Challenges - positive & negative. I'd like to get all your feedback and suggestions in a centralized common post here. This will help us review all the feedback posted and better our challenges in future.

Post your feedback/suggestions on Team Challenge. Let's follow a process while doing so.

- What did you LIKE in Team Challenges?
- What did you NOT LIKE in Team Challenges?
- What KIND of Team Challenges are you looking forward in future?
- Any suggestions?

Let's keep the comments to the above points. This will help us review effectively.

Thank you!
I don't want to be glued to my device for 3 days.  I like the idea of competing with team mates.  I like that a team can have 4 varied team mates from level 20 to 220.  

With the pumpkin challenge, i liked the fact that the pies were being made whilst i was offline.  However, the boosters could have been bought with spirit or silver rather than swords, or maybe i could have sold silver or spirit for swords and energy, or maybe traded items in my inventory for swords and energy.  Also with the pumpkin madness you should have made it where tapping on the pumpkin to make extra was a 2 min quick challenge 4 times a day, but let me choose when to play them.

With the pearl diver challenge, i liked it. I was able to use logic to find the pearls, and for the first time i was able to score more than my team mates and we got into the top 10. However, why did we need energy and again we should have the option to trade resources.

Maybe team challenges should be every 2 weeks, but make it a team challenge, not just 4 individuals all doing the same thing.

The most important thing though, is to fix the bugs, not much point to a team challenge, if 2 team mates can't get into the game.  Have someone working at the weekend, to fix the bugs as they are happening. 
Right this moment, I cannot get on the game! Ben is tinkering! I hope its to upgrade servers!  
I just want to visit my neighbors without crashing. I want to get gifts from not just the free 5, but from the 19 I PURCHASED with GOLD! I hate having to crash and individually go to each neighbor.
Let us earn new energy! Not over 45 minutes! That's tough to do.
***************** I am at level 108 and have nothing to do except the 2 new specials that come out on Thursday!
CAN I please go and play the limited editions that are closed????? Its a WIN Win situation for your company and for me to continue playing the game! **********
Hi for me it was a flop I have already spent a small fortune on gold to get the best.I can from my island now you want to get us to pay more for swords and energy this last TC is purely to get more money from the players that have worked so hard to up there game we already have to buy swords and gold Plus some silver so even at a high level not far off 200 we are still spending on this so called free game I upgraded my pumpkin pies using swords which I will not do again and you will not get me to send my money on energy only to lose pies by the millions Plus a time to keep being kicked off the game for chat not that doesn't work and to be made to look like a sleeper get rid of the energy get rid of the swords payment and find your game this as all been said over and over again and you are still not listening and me for one would love to see the positive feed back you were warned about 6 month ago you didn't do anything but get more greedy now looks like you will have to deal with the damage your marking good luck kiwi your going to need it (to all players if you agree or disagree with this statement please but in you comments if you do not have time just a thumbs up or down will help kiwi see how we feel thats on all comments thanks)

Dear kiwi,   I applaud your efforts in opening communication and asking for players suggestions rather then just ignoring comments made.  As you are aware I have had many "bug" issues over the past and I feel you are making progress in your every day game play issues.  That being said I feel you have a lot of work ahead to develope team challenges that are fair and clearly not just money makers for you.  The last two challenges using energy and swords left players unprepared and frustrated.  I have to wonder how much Google had to refund players.  This is not good bussiness!  There were things that i liked about the pie challenge like the fact that pies were generated if you had to stop tapping. I did not fully understand the challenge required the main battery was used to fill pie production at different levels and kept waiting for main battery energy to drop. So I waisted a day tapping with low pie production. Perhaps you could spare some time explaining challenges beforehand. The most frustrating part was the loss of pies over and over again.  It started dropping by the thousands then by the millions and at one point dropped 21 billion. This clearly set my team back.  Every time a bonus pumpkin appeared the game would freeze, come back and the clock would be at 0.         The problems and overall game play with the pearl diver were too desasterous to even go into detail.  I would like to see your team of talented developers find ways of incorporating resources that we have aquired or can aquire with out spending.  Perhaps a building where you can trade gems from Portella combined with silver for energy.  Possibly a energy generator where you could put in iron, wood, and ice or fruit or cannon balls or some of the other items in our inventory  and call it recycling. Please know that even as i am typing this with ten bandaids wrapped around 10 fingers from tapping all weekend,  that I appreciate the opportunity to voice my opinion.  Please let us know what you have in mind for the future tc's by fully explaining how they are going to work. 
Thank you for your time,  Sally

Very well said Sally. .and u still have me cracking up over the bandaids !
Sally FYI this is Jan & I am locked out of my island! Updates yesterday and I have been trying to get back in! It just keeps saying Bens tinkering with Ethernet! Sorry! Kiwi is not acknowledging my post to them! I am stuck! Please everyone thumbs up the bug issues so kiwi will acknowledge! Thanks
I realize Kiwi needs to make money, but I have always thought that Kiwi needs to treat its players with more appreciation and respect that it has.  I should know... I've been playing this game for over two years now and Kiwi has been a disappointment all this time.

I like the idea of Team Challenges and think it is great for the community, but if Kiwi is going to roll them out, a few things need to be considered:

1.  A high quality experience

Kiwi simply fails at this.  Over and over.  How does Kiwi justify having players debug their product?  Players that spend money to play their game, yet Kiwi expects them to tolerate their poorly designed products... this does not make sense.  The only explanation I can manage is that Kiwi cares more about the money and much, much less about the players.

2.  Player rankings should not be purchased

Kiwi has set it up so that players, through Energy and premium resources like Swords, can simply purchase their way into the higher ranks.  I have serious problems with that.  Shipwrecked is already an expensive game... it certainly isn't free.  If resources need to be purchased in order to compete in the Team Challenges, then there should be a complete support staff on stand-by to handle any technical or game-play issue.  Heck, since it is an expensive game, there should be support at all times, but to start charging for Team Challenge resources, well... that really is an insult.

3.  Keep it fun

I honestly like the attempts at changing things up with the Pearl Diving and the Pie Baking, but, referring to #2 above, stop depending on expensive resources.  The Pie challenge was a knock-off from another mindless mobile app (Cookie Clicker), so no points for originality on that one.  And I enjoyed the Pearl Diving challenge for leveling the playing field, but you should not have introduced too much new stuff to us all at once.  Instead of Energy, you should have allowed us to upgrade using existing resources.  I like the traditional challenges, but I think these new challenges can be fun too, if balanced correctly.  So maybe a mix of both.

I think Energy as a resource has potential, but I am very opposed to the idea that the only way to gain additional Energy is to buy it.  That reeks of Zynga, and if Kiwi is hoping to be Zynga one day, then I will uninstall all of my Kiwi games and shut down the wikis.
Each week during and after a TC we hear that the developers have not had the problems while testing  or have not been able to reproduce the issues we report.  The reason they don't is because they are not here over the weekend during the TC when the servers are being stressed by the amount of activity they have to handle.  By the time they come in on Monday morning, go through all the reports and start looking into the issues the team challenge is over and servers are back to normal volume, so, voila, no problems.  Your developers and system admin should realize this.  So upgrade your servers, have support on hand over the weekends, not just people monitoring but people that can actually do something to fix the problems. 
Especially when you report having over 160 employees. 
Please go back to the TC how they were.
No buying things, only hard earned items which you can use to produce a item.
We love the old style TC.
I do want to say I commend  you guys for all the changes you are making to try to make us all happy and to make the game more excitingand new for us all. # 1 main issue is that no 1 is in on the weekends when there is a team challenge and this is when a majority of the issues arise.speaking for myself on a lot of the issues that I have had I have been very patientyou guys have always been quick to respondand that is much appreciated and then you tell me there will be a fix...okay issue may have been fixed but where is my compensation for it?with this last team challenge and the 1 priorI do believe my money should be refunded!why? Well with us last team challenge when you are buying energy and you watch your score go from 80 billion and just dropped to 59 billionand you just paid 20 dollars for the energy to get you there. And then there are the issues with the force closing. I had mine force close in the middle of my bonuses also when I would come back I would have no energy left. So the whole point on that 1 would be for someone to be in on the weekends to correct these issues that are happening during the team challenges.Of course when you guys get back you don't see any issues happening.I do believe that with the gifts we should be able to gift something that is of actual importance..say like energy!I also think that there shouldn be more instruction on the tc instead of having to get on the forum.I do not believe I am liking the whole energy incorporated into a game maybe I would if you guys made some changes.I also believe that you guys should incorporate being able to exchange like your swords for gold or gold for swords or energy or silver to buy energy or silver to buy swords, etc Also another idea can you come up with some more flooring options for example SNOW. also clothing considering that's what the limited addition quest give us are these dollars that we have nothing to spend them. A better idea would  be that these dollars could be used to buy energy, swords, gold, silver,etc. I do believe if there are not changes made with the energy you need to just completely do away with it. especially the time should be changed 1 energy every 15 minutes is ridiculous! it should be 1 energy every 3 to 5 minutes... just my opinion.
Keep it fair.  
No boosters, no purchases.  If I play, I want to know I have just as good a chance of "winning" as anybody else without paying a small fortune.  

Keep it relevant.  
Tapping a pie all day long has nothing to do with my island.

Keep it interesting.
It's nice to know what place the team is in, but even nicer to know how you're doing against everyone else and what you need to do to advance.  Post the teams, the scores and the rankings.

Make it worthwhile.
Extra spirit or silver is nice but swords, gold, buildings, helpers and other bonuses as weekly prizes and awards are better...  And after competing for a month it would be nice to get a little more than a gold bar or a few silver coins...

If you are going to continue this energy resource, how about putting refills in the treasure chests we receive when clearing our islands.
1.  Keep it Fair:
The butterfly challenge was cool(with the exception of the macro people) because it was fair to everyone.
The pearl challenge you required us to purchase a resource to continue, and never gave us a chance to earn it.
The Pumpkin challenge was well I agree with Bill Tapping a pie has nothing to do with our islands and there was really no challenge to it.
2.  Keep it Interesting:
Again I agree with Bill, it would be nice to know where the teams are at and it would be nice to have a challenge that uses the resources we already have.
3.  Customer Service:
Kiwi lacks in this.  During team challenges you are closed during the weekends and with reporting over 160 employees I feel that you could spare 1 or two to test the problems as they happen.  Your servers get overwhelmed so of course when you test it unless you are overloading your servers it is going to be fine.  If you are going to ask for our feedback or say that the develop team will be informed, have someone there during the team challenges to help players while it is happening instead of after the fact when there is nothing you can do about it.  I mean really, you do have 160+ employees at least spare 1 or 2 during team challenges to see the problems as they are happening.  That way we do not get the generated response of sorry you are screwed we are closed on the weekends.
Listen to the players.  Many times we have said we do not like the fact that we have a new resource that we HAVE to purchase.  Stop with the automated responses and give us something we can use.  Inform of us of the progress of the issues that are being looked into.
4.  I did not like the pumpkin challenge as it had nothing to do with my island and although spirit was the bonus in the past two challenges spirit and coin have not been an option.  Using a resource that you are required to purchase it not fair to the players that have spent years building their islands.  
5.  Stop making the challenges so expensive.  The starfish challenge was insane and expensive.  It appears as though Kiwi is more concerned with how much they can get the players to spend then how much the players enjoyed the game.  
6.  Have more challenges that let use the resources we have, ie rocks, iron, wood, etc.  Instead of requiring us to purchase energy with money give us the option to purchase energy with coin or spirit.
7.  Make sure you have someone available at all time to help the people that have the problems during the challenge.  For example, on the pumpkin challenge people lost a lot of pumpkins and even though reported to Kiwi it made no difference because you are closed on the weekend.  Which doesn't help people after the fact.  Thank god for the video to show that it actually happens.  
8.  Stop telling us it is device specific.  It is not.  I play on a Galaxy Tab 3, this past challenge I only lost a few million pumpkins twice, after that it didn't happen.
9.  Again I will ask:  Where was the challenge in tapping a pumpkin?  How is that a challenge?  
10.  Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.  Go back to what worked because all of these new changes have really screwed things up.  Chat isn't working, people are getting kicked out, people lost on pumpkins and lost on other bonuses.  Fix the problems you currently have before introducing new things that cause more problems.
11.  Honestly I don't see the point in this since the last time you asked for feedback we gave it to you and you totally ignored it.  We said we do NOT like the energy.  We do NOT like the fact that we HAVE to purchase a resource that we can't even earn.  If you are going to stick with the energy than fine but give us a chance to earn it.  DO NOT make it where we HAVE to purchase it.  I did not purchase one thing of energy I just continued to upgrade with what I had.  You MADE us upgrade with swords like someone else said is like our liver.  So either way we had to purchase a resource.  This is not fair to players.  Why don't you have someone from your development team play the game from the beginning to see how precious the swords are. But of course you already know that,  
Seriously, do you have anyone from your team that actually plays the game?  If so is that why you are making the challenges so expensive so that you can see how much money can get from us.
12.  The team challenges of late have been more about making Kiwi money than it has about being a team challenge.  Go back to what we liked.  Team challenges that gave us the opportunity to use our resources that we worked so hard to get and make it fun again.  This whole season was not fun for me at all, and if the next season looks anything like this last season, then you can pretty much guarantee I won't be participating and I certifiably will NOT be purchasing anything.  
Again the pearl challenge made it where we couldn't do anything on our island, how is that a team challenge?  What did the pearls have to do with our island?  What did the pumpkins have to do with our island, and worst of all, what did the witches hat have to do with our island?  It didn't it was more of a way that kiwi could make money and keep us glued to our devices.
I agree with everything everyone has said below and I will probably agree with other comments as well.
Give us challenges that have to do with our island.  
Go back to what worked and what didn't overload the servers and cause so many problems.
Last but not least:
KEEP US INFORMED!  You are very vague about the team challenges and you do not inform us of the new resource of energy expect that it would be needed for the pearl challenge.
Stop hiding things from us and let us know what is going on.  Stop being so evasive and be upfront about that fact that energy is going to cost money.
If you are going to stick with energy, which I HATE, but if that is what you are going to do, then make like the other resources, give us a chance to earn it and give us a choice to purchase it.  Maybe include it in the incredible deals with gold and swords, other resources that are precious to the players.
So on an final note:
We have given you this feedback, we have given you feedback from the pearl challenge and it all said the same.  Stop making them so expensive and get rid of the energy.  So I ask:
What makes this any different? and, What are going to do about it?
Thank you all for your valuable and vital feedback and suggestions. I'll keep this open for few more days to collect anymore feedback/suggestions. 
I'm not very fond of the new energy source. Swords, silver, and gold work for all aspects of the game and I enjoy the freedom to use what I deem for Team Challenges. It ticks me off that they make you buy another resource if you want any chance of finishing strong. I'm also a bit Disturbed that there are so many other facets that they have yet to fix or just flat out don't use them, or use them to their full potential. For instance why can you not send you friends or team mates materials, gold, silver, or even swords? We have the message in the bottle, but it rarely gets used. There is also a post office in the game. If Kiwi is looking for some sort of revenue boost, then why not have a stamp for let's say 1 gold to send something outside the TC? Just fork out the gold for the P.O., which you will any way in the game, pay your "postage stamp rate" and send. There is no good reason that energy was needed for the new challenges. You could have done everything we have been with silver and spirit. If the really wanted to boost the Team concept they could have done "round robin" boosters. For example for Pumpkin Pie you could have a Super Pie where parts get passed within the team with each person doing a task like making the dough, next someone would need to fill it, another bake it, finally someone top it with whipped cream and BAM!! you team gets a X25 multiplier for the next hour. You could still make things solo and you would still need to.
Team chat is still problematic, no one seems to know if the yellow gems developed after the outhouse was built or what they are even for. 
To worsen things, after your hard month of grinding and tapping away, if you are fortunate enough to be the Commodore, you get a somewhat dinky prize pack that more than likely dwarfs the 20 bucks(or more ) you sunk EVERY week to add to your stock piled resources, that equates to about 16 bucks.....big WOOOP!!!! So now we take our stroll on our dilapidated superhighway only to find the crap you just won won't really do you any good, because you might find it a bit difficult to use the now 5 or 6 million silver that is worth about as much as the yellow gems, and it's going to take you the better part of a year to burn through the 500K in spirit you now have that might as well be letters to Santa....wait Santa IS REAL, I see him in my neighbor's window. It's a shame that such a great game with good potential is wasted buy a hair-brained, poorly thought out concept. The concept should have been to fix what they already have and BUILD on it, not make the baseball cubed so everyone has to go out and get new baseballs.WHAT A SHAME...
I agree with most of your comments but only thing I have a problem with is the making of separate parts as till kiwi the the things fixed that need to be fixed when one TM gets hit with problems like the last TC had it then will make it impossible for the rest to continue 
Can we please have shorter seasons, and a weekend break between seasons?
Kiwi I waited until now to say something, because I wanted to see just what you would do with this weeks tc. Again no explanation of tc. Example, will we be forced to purchase energy? What does tc entail? ect... but no, nothing from kiwi this time around. And just so you know the last few tcs all sucked, do you know what sucked means down in kiwi land, or do we have to spell it out for you? S. U. C. K. E. D.. And not to reiterate things I've already said but, I will not buy energy, I refuse!!! I spent 2.99 on Energy in pearl debauchery, and will not spend another flllockin(remove lll replace o with a u add a g to end) dime, I stupidly wasted over 50 swords in last tc, actually I didn't really do it on purpose, it was because I was so bored, and accidentally turned phone over to dang far, and it switched sides, so pumpkin pie was on the left, and I was tapping my fat fingers so fast on the right, that I hit the stupid bonus area, and kiwi stole my swords, then that stupid bonus pumpkin, kept stealing my pies that I'd worked so hard to make, so I waisted the swords,(oh that one really gets my dander up)and for what, if my team ended up number 1 we get 35 swords and some obsolete spirit and gold woo hoo what a reward.(and lets not forget that is for the entire seasons hard work not just a tc) I guess down in kiwi land 35 swords is worth more than 50. I know what I am going to ask Santa to give the elves down in kiwi land this xmas. BELTS, yes I said belts, ones that have their names on the back of them, so when, and if, they get their heads out of their arrssesss(remove the rr and last ss) they might figure out who they are. But in all honesty I have a few opinions I would like to share wth my fellow gamers, why is it that kiwi doesn't want us to talk to all of our neighbors, and limits us to just our team? My opinion is they want us to use the forums so they can monitor us to see how many of us are becoming wise to their deceptions. Next, Why do I see the majority of people who are in the forums are long term players and not newbies? My opinion, there are not as many newbies because of lower game ratings,(caused by kiwis inept procedures) and it was a plan of kiwis all along to wait to do tcs till they had enough players who had spent hundreds each, and maybe even more, in which those players would reach the higher levels, which in turn would keep those same players, playing, and spending, like in my case, it is harder for me to quit now, because I have so much invested. And we all know the tcs have turned into a total money grab and made our previous important resources like spirit and silver etc... obsolete. I also know kiwi has stole my neighbor slots that I bought with gold I paid real cash for, and never reimbursed me for it, and I believe they've stolen swords from me and some of my levels too, but I can not prove those things because I became complacent and wasn't paying close enough attention, and kiwi just did their dirty deed. So thats on me. I also think that kiwi might purposely be causing shipwrecked to freeze, and such other similar things, for instance when I go to harvest my neighbors islands, I get booted off, kiwis excuse is low memory, and that neighbors islands are to big, and suggest we clear our data, so I do that and still get booted off, furthermore is a level 50 island big and level 100 small, (because I get booted when going to lev. 50 and not 100) not in my world, but it must be in kiwi land, and when Bens tinkering (planned) or bugs in the game (planned) etc... my reasoning behind these last statements is, the more we are diverted from all the money grabbing that is going on, and the longer we take to figure out this game has no end to it (you just keep buying swords and other stuff and using up your memory space)the more kiwi can steal from us. Now these are just MY OPINIONS and I say MY OPINIONS which everyone in MY world has the right to have. So if you are a fellow shipwrecked enthusiast, and don't agree with me, feel free to opine, but please keep it civil, and if you do agree with me or even some of my opinions then boycott kiwi, don't spend another dime, and maybe (like I am heavily contemplating) just give up on kiwi and everything they stand for. So kiwi I am going to look at this tc (but I am not buying anything)and if it has energy(because I don't think you're being very honest with yourselves, when you said in your post above, "that you had positive feedback" if you did I didn't see any of it, all I saw was negative) I will tell my team that if they wish to get a different teammate, I will understand, but I am done. With doing tcs and probably done with kiwi and anything they offer, you have screwed me over for the last time!!!!!!!!!!!
And to add insult to injury, my chat doesn't work 95% of the time, I am getting booted out every twenty minutes, and so on. But kiwi wants to do the tcs more than fix the problems in their game designs. The kings at the top should fire the whole bunch oh thats right it is probably just what the kings at the top want the little pawns at the bottom to do, rob us blind.
To add on to my original feedback posted earlier I would just like to ask what is the point of asking us for our feedback if you are not going to listen to us?we have given you feedback for April challenge and the pumpkin challenge we specifically said keep us informed but yet you give us no information on the current team challenge.  why asking for feedback if you are not going to listen to us? What part of the feedback are you changing?
The feedback collected from you all is to know what exactly you all are looking for when it comes to Team Challenge. Yes, I've compiled all your feedback and will discuss this further with our Product Team.

This topic will be kept open if anyone needs to provide any such feedback about team challenge.
Here is a suggestion for the Pearl Diver Challenge - 
Don't have energy challenges anymore, and if you do decide to continue with the energy make it a resource we can earn.  During the energy challenges we are provided with 1 energy then have to wait an hour for full energy again.  You are calling energy a resource yet there is no way to earn it.  Therefore, you are forcing us into purchasing a resource.  This is not acceptable and not within Google's guideline.
If you are going to have a new resource then give us a way to earn it.  Have an energy mill.  Put it in the treasure boxes.  Let us collect it from the debris.  Have buildings that produce energy.  Example:
Gold:  The only way to earn gold is by getting a treasure box from clearing your island.  You call gold a resource and give us a way to get it.  We get it when we level up.
Spirit:  There are houses that give us spirit
Coin: There are buildings that give us coin
Swords:  We get swords from the treasure boxes, tapjoy, and when we level up.
These are all resources that we have an option to buy.  We have no option to earn energy.  You can not have a resource that has to be bought to play.  This is infringement.  
Suggestion:  Give us a way to earn the energy or don't use energy challenges.
Please see suggestions I just typed under "collected silver to buy swords". Thank You. 
Why is it that a little while ago I had over 2 MILLION cookies and I left, came back & had NONE??!!?!?!?!?! WHY??????
I would suggest that you no longer use challenges that require us to purchase a resource that we can not earn.  It is obvious that having a resource that can not be earned has caused people to seek out other ways to get energy and there in lies the problem.  You don't see people messing around with code for spirit or coin do you?  No.  It is only when you introduced energy and making a resource that we can not earn that most of these problems got worse. Before it was just the macro people now it is the idiots that want to get something for free that they can not earn.
Take out the energy or make it a resource we can earn like how we make rocks or clay.  Something other than what you are doing now.
I do NOT like the energy challenges.  I don't like the fact that I have to purchase a "resource" that I can not earn or harvest.  I like the harvesting team challenges that were simple.  NOT the witch's has, NOT the seaweed, just simple team challenges.
I would suggest a team challenge where we get to see the points of the other teams so that we know what we need to advance.  I would also suggest not introducing harvesting three items to make one.  I would suggest that you go back to what worked and what was simple.  Why do you have to complicate it?
I suggest you give us a way to earn energy or have a shorter period for it. In the oyster challenge you can't bonus after first day as the clock is 5 min and it costs you 2 energy that takes way too long to refill.  You might want to increase max energy to 10 or reduce time to regenerate.  I also think challenges that require you to purchase from market should not include an energy aspect at all. It's great that you are trying new things and trying to level the playing field, it could just use some tweaking. :)