Apple users dont have sales?

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Hello please can you tell me if there are some apple users. Do the sale offers shows to you? I had only two from the beginning but now for at least 16 days no offers are showing. I know that on android devices its almost one offer ends and another appears. So please can anyone tell me if you have sale offers and the problem os obly on my side? I wrote to kowi multiple times but only think u got to was that there can be different offers for android and apple devices.(and they tried to maka me a total idiot because i had to show them what i ment by sale offers because if i wrote i. E. Offer for 19.99 you got about 120 gold 60 sword 5000 silver etc wasnt enought to describe to them so please can you tell me is it me whi is so stupid and is this description not enought?) thanks for replies im desperate
Call the Google app store at 1-855-836-3987 and let then know you aren't getting any support from support.  Google takes these things seriously and week make the developers fix the problems or Google will suspend their games.
Thanks for advice but i dont think that google support will help me because im apple player but i can try app store support anyway thanks for advice
Its not Google support it is the app section.   Apple users download apps from the store.  You need to prompt to the app section.  They support the customers.   They are not apple specific they monitor the apps to make sure that the people playing and paying for in app purchases are not getting screwed.   Remember get to Google apps.
Hi Michal, I play the Apple version as well as the Android version and I see a sale right now:  9000 Silver, 44 Gold, and 28 Swords for $6.99 USD.    There is also a 40% off sale of premium decor items.  Both sales will last another 17 hours from the time of this posting.

Do you happen to have the latest OS on Apple?  Also make sure to have the latest version of SW for Apple.

My own experience is that I waited weeks to update my Apple OS from 7 to 8.  During that time I stopped getting new content in my SW game and didn't see any new quests.  Once I updated to OS 8.1, I started seeing new things in the game.

Good luck!
But there are other things that Apple users do not have:

  • No Team Challenges
  • No Atlantis (which produces high silver-producing quest buildings)
  • No Ship of Ages
  • No Trading Port, so no Pink or Blue Gems
  • No Air Ship (but all quests that required the Air Ship have been rewritten to exclude requirement of the Air Ship... so this is actually a good thing!)
  • Less standard quests than Android platform.  As of this time, there are 197 Standard Quests on Android, and 118 Standard Quests on Apple.  Source:  Shipwrecked Standard Quests
  • No in-game promos to earn free swords or gold for downloading a Kiwi game
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but I think Kiwi is missing out on an untapped market by not fully developing their Apple version.
Since I can't edit my list above, I'll amend it here:

Kiwi has put Westbound on Apple now, and is offering players free Swords for installing Westbound.  So what I said about "No in-game promos" is no longer true :)
Well i have ios 8.1(12B411) and shipwrecked version 1.1.5 no updates available. But thanks finally i know that its not all apple devices maybe it can be location related(czech republic - europe) but now i can at lease write to support when i know there are active sales on apple
Michal, sounds like you have the latest versions like I do.  

Location may be an issue... it certainly does matter on Google Play.  Anyway, I'm located in SE Asia, but my Apple iTunes account is linked to the US, in case those data points help you.

Good luck!
Thanks but when im trying to change ma account country it tells me that my info dont correspind with my bank info. But anyway thanks. 

There is another think i noticed right now(i think i saw it several times before but now i could completly read it) when i have locked phone and before i unlock it it showed me shipwrecked announcment which told me something about bug treasure and chance to get up to 200 swords. But when i opened game throught the notif. Game opened and nothing showed up just regular game. Any idea?

btw no reply from the support for about 28 hours so far. 

I checked my Apple game, too.  When I looked at my phone, there was a message from Kiwi about the 200 Swords (just like you described).  When I opened the game, this is what I saw:

and should see it up here...

Very odd if you aren't getting this.  You'd think Kiwi would want to make sure everyone had access to these promos.

Well this is my sceen. 

weird is that it shows the message about that 200 swords and game shows nothing. 

And btw still got no reply from support. 
im tired of spending my money for only swords or once gold chest. I wanted to spend some money on some sale but it seems kiwi dont want my money when they dont try to fix this issue. 
Michal, that is all so strange.  When you email Kiwi, are you emailing them from within your game?  That gives them all the details about your model number, version, etc.  Also makes it easier for them to identify you in their system.  If you don't already know how to do it, I've put together some instructions on the Shipwrecked Wiki:  How to Email Kiwi Support From Within the Game

Good luck!
Yes i wrote them two e-mails one today with link to this topic and i got ticket that they dont work during weekend(not exactly words they used) and i'll get answer on mondey so i'll reply here right after i'll know something new

thanks for helping me
Another finding which i think it can be related with my problem. My girlfriend has the game for about four days because i gave her new phone and she likes the game and i looked at it and she has the offers and when i click to write to support there are those informations about game and the code for advertiser and old advertiser are matching but when i looked at mine they are different. 
And when i looked back at emails i wrote to kiwi it seems like for some reason my advertiser code changes every day and i dont know why. I think it can be related to my problem. Any ideas? Thanks
Michal, interesting about the advertiser values.  In my email data to Support, my advertiser and old advertiser are the same, but I don't understand any of it.
Well what a surprise after more then 3 and a half day still got no reply from kiwi. 
Hate to say it but im starting to think that it would be better stop wasting my money on this game because the developers dont deserve it when they are not able to get suficient support to users. :(
So the news. We are communicating since yesterday and i hope that developers will figure out the solution i'll update right when something new appears
Yay!  Hopefully they will make some progress with you.
Yes MD can see where your coming from kiwi gives a lot less on apple then on Android and you pay more wish i had known all this 6 weeks ago 
Well just to jump in here for a sce, I'm just glad to hear that there is communication.  I hope it keeps up and it gets figured out.  I mentioned you specifically mag in my concerns post.
Well i'm afraid i was too early to joy about the support when they wrote me twice in two days. Sofar im waiting about 30 hours for reply but nothing is happening :(
I have THE same problem at first everything was oké sales offers and neighbours invite
in THE  first week i got 1 neighbour but afther a week there where no more sales and everyday i send a neighbour invité with no respons so i still have only 1 neighbour in more than 4 weeks of sending invites.i have emaild THE support but the only answer i got is that i have to make an account on this site , but i don,t see an answer to this problem
Hi anda i have been playing on ipad air this will be my 8th week got it so i can transfer form acer as in need of more storage kiwi telling me cannot transfer so not happy with kiwi or apple as on apple you only get 1/2 the game you get on android but they don't tell you this and it cost more to play as most of the houses and more you pay with gold but back to you i have not signed up with this forum just in case they transfer with out my permission but have no problems with getting nighbors or sales hope you get sorted out 
I am "happy" that im not the one having this issue. Please can you copy and paste here the game info from the game(what you send to kiwi the ad id etc. ) here is the how-to http://shipwreckedwiki.com/wiki/How_to_Email_Kiwi_Support_From_Within_the_Game

maybe we will have something similar. 

And one update from me. I reinstalled the ios and the advertiser id is not changing for few days so far. 
Michal, I see you reinstalled the iOS and it did not fix the problem.  Have you tried reinstalling the game?  All of your progress is stored on Kiwi's servers and is linked to your iTunes and Game Center logins, so if it doesn't immediately return you back to your game, Kiwi will help get it back for you.  But usually it reinstalls just fine.

And are you getting your daily bonus?  
Well i think that the problem is at kiwis side at the server or somewhere. I reinstalled the ios but i had to restore data from backup so only change was the ad id stopped changing. 
It wont help me to reinstall the spp. When i unistall it and install again it dont make difference i tried to install it with my gf account or by the family sharing no change it downloads my progress from kiwi server and reload my game with the data i stopped playing. Im pretty advanced user and i was programming amd debugging in several languages so when i was boring i downloaded and looked at data from my and my gf game and the difference i discovered is in the game in plist config file. In a while i will write it here. 
ok i hope that kiwi wont be angry because i wrote this but here is what i found:
the file with the config of your progress etc is named com.kiwiup.ios.shipwreckeden.plist
in this file(few days old data - i didnt have time because yesterday my first son was born and now i have a little time)
her data was - actual time when game opens is:

and the important is this:


so i think that the next sale will show when the "now" time - 1414etc goes to 1415 and then the sale will show up.(at least my logic and developer thinking tells me).

so this is ok at her phone.

and the sale stamp is older than actual time so the sale cannot show up


also theese two lines are all what i had in my config file(i understand for example the spin the wheel time cannot be here because i didnt spin it but the previous sale is missing too.

another think i found is the way they are getting the data from their server.
the game gives a request to this adress

i think there is some kind of problem.
also i tried to manually edit the config file to add lines which were missing from my gfs config file but it didnt help because it downloads the config file from the server.

Maybe im wrong but there i can see the source of the problem but i can be wrong of course.

Thanks for advice or correction of my findings
Michal, congratulations on your son!  That is wonderful :)  Hope mom and son are doing well.

So considering the Unix timestamps above, I have to ask this, and sorry if I insult you with it, but... is your device set to the correct time zone, date, and local time?  If you travel a lot like I do, it's not too hard to cause a conflict with that.

I'm currently not seeing any specials right now in my game so it is hard for me to apply the Unix timestamps I'm seeing on my phone, but I'll keep an eye out for it.  Is your girlfriend's phone currently showing any specials?
Hi MD nice one hope you all doing fine 
And daily bonuses are showing ok
Hi im sorry i didnt notice that you replied between my posts. My gf game is currently three or four days not showing any deals. 

And i thank you very much for congratulation its incredible feeling after the extremly exhaisting 30 hours which i spend with her but the result was worth it and thanks to god they are both healthy. 

And what insult? Sometimes the easiest solution is the best and you dont think of it so as im always saying when the critic is constructive and not destructive im always glad of it :) 

i have automatic time set but i realized that we have gmt+1 but now since the end of october we have daylight saving time so im not sure if there is a connection? But im not sure but i think the sales stopped appearing about week earlier before the daylight saving time

i dont know what time i shoul have for the game but right now i have 17:52
Well it seems that there is a progress. Unfortunatelly unwanted. It seems that how i tried to read some values from the in game code that i somehow achieved that the sales now stopped showing on my gf phone :( and i got no reply from kiwi for about a week and a last reply was that o have to give then time to fix it :(
Sorry i forgot to say that i think that there should be the game helpers sale because i had notification showing but still opened it and game has no change
3days ago i have emailed kiwi again and they mailed back that they let THE developers look into this problem and that would take a few days so i hope to here from them soon and than i will post there respons. Sorry if my english is not correct but i am from Holland 
Ok everyone, here is a new way to file a Complaint. Go to the play store:
Go down to where it says flag as inappropriate and click on that.

Click on Malicious or inappropriate android apps

Click on Android Development Help Center

Use this form to file your complaint. Click on other objection and send Google Play store the information that you are having a problem with.
Well it seems the things finally are moving. When i told kiwi that i cannot uninstall the game because some data are still saved on the icloud and the game is reinstalled from the icloud. They were really surprised well maybe they dont have apple phones :-D so they promised that the fix will be done on the next update and they send also few gold and swords so im waiting till the next update. 
Nice one I should think so