LisaHenning 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Goldilocks579 2 years ago 7
Ok second time I have caught and reported this.  I had a new teammate this weekend that I wanted to add as a neighbor so I deleted a neighbor.  When I tried to add new neighbor it told me I had to purchase a slot for 5 gold.  I reported it, no response. Ended up paying for it and updated my ticket.

This happened to me before and I lost 2 slots before. Rep kept telling me I had the correct amount of slots, I kept arguing with them and never got it back.  Like I don't already spend enough money on this game.  I am totally disgusted with their customer service.
Yeah I feel your pain Lisa, I am currently fighting the I didn't get my coin because there wasn't a problem but oh wait there was one.  I would keep bugging them and send a private message to Kiwi about it and see what happens.
I finally got a response that they are looking into it 2 days ago, nothing since then.
I'm glad you at least got a response. We all know they have some very full hands right now.
Lisa - Our technical team is looking into the issue you've reported and will get back to you at the earliest via email.
Haven't heard anything further from tech team...
I agree this is a problem.  I hope Kiwi fixes this.
This happened to me on Westbound Gold Rush recently so it obviously hasn't been fixed.