no one excepted my team requests! i cant do this chchallenge on my own! and thats what am alone! no challenge this week for me i guess! :( :(

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I don't guess I'm going to participate this weekend....... I cant carry this all by myself..... So now I get screwed non the less cuz kiwi thinks everyone signs on at one time and creates their teams all at once so then they shut it down and people who have worked tremendously hard on this shit are just left to twittle their thumbs!!! What do i do!!!!! I have worked so hard and so has my team and for some reason non of my requests went thrust to them so now we are all screwed!
That totally sucks!  You can still do the challenge you just won't score as high I think because of how seaside season is scored I think.  Either way it blows chuunks, you got screwed, and I thought I had it bad.  I would say email support but they didn't do crap for me last week.  Besides they don't exist.  I'm so sorry barbie.  I wish there was something I could say.  You have my sympathies.
Hi b like Kb says if I was you I would keep going on the SS will up your points if it was 1st week no but your so near the end got to carry one good luck 
Tisk, tisk, tisk, shame on you Kiwi,  screwing people on the last ss challenge, god forbid they test their new screen, that is what normally happens when things are half assly done
Thanks guys! Of course I I am participating..... I am hooked :) and I do have one teammate who is helping so hopefully it won't be too bad of a blow... Good luck all! 
Nice one hope you do well 
Same thing happened to me,and I had to do tc solo. I thought maybe everyone was going solo, but I see now I was wrong.