Need team members for this weeks challenge

EMERSON2424 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by pwotds 3 years ago 5
Looking for two more team members who actually participate to join our team this weekend.  You can send me a Request At My KIWI ID Emerson2424    THANKS!!!!!
What level are you and did you participate in last 2 TC's?
I am level 56 And I did participate In the last two challenges.  I did the random team option...teammates did nothing to contribute...
My team filled fast. I can still add you as a neighbor.  Keep reading posts and keep your kiwi name out there. There's alot of good people still looking.  Good luck. 
I just sent you a request to add as a friend. I can add you to my team!
Well what is done is done. I
had good teams but for one sleeper...same sleeper twice...grrr. Remember to breathe a have fun!