where are you Hey & Jason, I requested you to join me!

Jan 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Sally7 3 years ago 5
Hi Jason & Heyt I requesed you to join me .the select teammates is messed up. I will try again!! Jan
your not alone, its just me and 1 of my tms now,were still waiting for the other 2 to reply, it might be a 2 women game this tc
I have found that you can't reinvite TMs for 24 hours. By that time, the TC starts and you can't change most of the time. 
I think by the time they fix it tms that normally play together will be broken up with new teams we took someone to 1st place llast time who wasnt our normal tm,
Ha, the way it's going I maybe alone! This is just messed up!
I need a team mate please help !