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Please help my game will Not load

sarahbe 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by December Leigh 2 years ago 14
i need help anybody my game will not load, iv been having problems with my market so i was advised to clear data well i did that now it will not load arggg im on level 70 and spend a lot of real money and play on android gal. What do i do now :( 
I'm having the same issue. I just sent kiwi a request to transfer my game back to an older device until this issue is fixed. 
If you haven't done so, email support, if you have emailed support then look under my post of players unite there is a phone number to contact Google and let then know.  Google takes these things seriously
if i uninstall and reinstall will everything be the same or will i lose it all ??
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Hi Sarah,

Please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and the issue with loading will be looked into further.
It will be the same. I've done that already and it didn't help. That's why I am having my game transferred to a different device, hoping if they do the transfer it will work, but if it's doesn't work they will see that there is a problem. 

When I emailed support the answer was that it is a device specific issue and the game is working fine on their end.
Hi bar now i am not saying this will work for you but worth a try this morning it was playing for 3hr if  did get on the screen was stuck or if it did let me do some thing was 2min then kicked me off so went down stairs to make breakfast took tab with me form min i got down stairs not one problem so try A walk round may not work but worth a try 
My teammate is having the same problem. Now I have to look for a new teammate until hers gets fixed.She has already reported it.My game is still messing up too.I can get on my game and after a few mins I'm kicked off.Kiwi said they r aware of the problem.But its almost time for TC again and a lot if us r having problems.Kiwu please fix this
my loaded up this morning after uninstalling and reinstalling and when the game was loading i turned up the sound this might help for u...
Mine loaded this morning too, so I think kiwi got at least that part fixed. Still cannot open the tapjoy offers, and still has slow loading and some freezing/shutting down. But at least I'm in!  :)
I have re installed and cleared caches and my game will load but as soon as I do anything it kicks me out! Kiwi wont respond or help me they just keep telling me that its my end with the problem but I have upgraded my devices 4 different times for them and its still doing the same thing! What do I do?
How much internal storage does your device have?
If it is less than 1GB you could have problems.

I didnt want to believe it, too.
My old device had a storage of 32 GB -  but infernal storage of only 500 MB. And you can't upgrade the internal  memory.
And these Browser games occupie lot of it.

Now I have 2 GB and all games run fast without crashes.
I cleared data, it doesn't erased your game you just have green squares.

I erased my data to clean all the time & got the squares mentioned, then 1 day it erased my entire game. Galaxy 4 tablet.

Correct, clear data won't erase your data. Just that featured buildings will take little time to download and appear as earlier. If the issue still persists, please email our support team for further assistance.