Harvest Season : Team Challenge - Sky Butterfly

Zieu 3 years ago in Game Events - Team Challenge 0
Hello islanders,

Welcome everybody to our second season of Team Challenge. 

Team formation has started now. Rush now to form your team!

Team Challenge will start tomorrow once the team formation ends. 

Team Challenge title: Butterflies in the sky
- Harvest as many sky butterflies as possible
- Butterfly tree will be available in Market at the end of team formation 
- A user can have only 10 butterfly trees 

Harvest the butterfly tree and keep collecting as many sky butterflies possible and earn your chance to move up in the Ranks:)

Note: There is a 100% probability to get the sky butterfly collectable upon harvesting the butterfly tree.

Good luck to all participants:) 

If you have any questions, please post it under Team challenge discussion category.

Ranks 1-3: +500% Silver 10000 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10: +250% Silver 8500 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100: +100% Silver 7000 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500: +50% Silver 6000 Rating Points
Ranks 501-2000: +40% Silver 5000 Rating Points
Reward Duration: 7 days 

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