Team Challenge - Guppies Galore

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Hello Islanders,

Welcome all to our exciting Team Challenge - Guppies Galore! This team challenge revolves around crafting and will require users to purchase 3 New Buildings:

1) "Tide Pool Tavern" (generator)
2) Surprise - Stay tuned for the second generator:)
3) "Aquarium" (crafting building)

The Challenge will be to craft a "Guppy Group" in the Aquarium using guppies and coral from the two new generators available.

- You will need to upgrade the Tide Pool Generator to retrieve collectables.
- You will need to upgrade the second generator as well to retrieve collectables.
- If you've already purchased the Aquarium in the previous challenge, it will show as "reached max limit". Now, you will need to upgrade the Aquarium to level 2 for collectables.

Title Details Rank wise:

Ranks 1-3: +500% Cheer -- 11000 Rating Points
Ranks 4-10: +250% Cheer -- 9000 Rating Points
Ranks 11-100: +100% Cheer -- 7500 Rating Points
Ranks 101-500: +50% Cheer -- 6000 Rating Points
Ranks 501-2000: +25% Cheer-- 5000 Rating Points

The extra Cheer reward who qualify in the above Ranks will be valid for 7 days.

Team Challenge formation has started now. and the Challenge will begin tomorrow, 4th October.

Good luck to all our Team Challenge participants!

Thank you,
Thank you very much for the info.  I seem to be having a problem selecting a team mate.  I'm trying to scroll through my neighbours to select a team mate but it's sending invites to all of them. Not what I wanted to do at all
Try to relaunch the and send request again. 
Admin, thanks very much for TC info!! The problem with invites is posted all over the forums. It is too late for myself and others to reset. What can we do? Thank you for a quick fix/reply. 
I agree.  An invite was even sent to a neighbor I didn't tap or touch or brush at all.  It would help if when we did an invite, a pop up to confirm would be added.  Thanks!
Sorry for the hassle related to invite in TC. I'll forward this to our development team and will be looked into further. 
So half way through the challenge,  where is the second generator? Please? 
So? Second generator? ??
Hi max thanks for the information but you have not give us anthing that was not on screen anyway what we really need to know is how the scores add up we all don't know if we're coming or going speaking for the bears i know we as a team can put in hundreds with out the scores changing then all of a sudden wham we drop two or more levels it's got everybody wondering if they are doing something wrong we have been 1st most of the game but all know that can change in the blink of an eye from all yout TC player's please get this sorted 
During the team challenge we can see where the team is ranked and we work hard to try and  move up a level, however, do you think you could tell us how many we need to make to move up.  For instance at one point my team was in 104th position, we worked really hard but ended up 126th.   If we had known how many more we needed to make it might have made a difference in two ways.  Eg. If we'd only needed to make 50 more then we could have tried even harder, or if we needed 5000 more then no matter how hard we tried we wouldn't have moved up, But we could have saved our spirit and silver for next week's challenge 
I agree with you. Kiwi should tell us how many more we need to craft to get to the next rank up. 
Marrtian thik you just answered your own ????? If kiwi let us have that information say some team was 20 behind you then you are going to speed up so as not to lose your spot but if 300 then why would you so kiwi lose out 
When will the nextbteam challenge start?