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Hello Islanders,

We are aware of the issue with LE Quest: Series: A Sleep path and our developers are currently looking into this. The issue with the quest will be fixed by the end of today.

I'll update here once this issue has been resolved and also let you all know what needs to be done to complete this quest.


Thank you for the info, although I already cleared data Thursday a.m. and now can't launch game.  Will wait til issue is fixed and try again unless you have other recommendations.
Our developers are currently fixing this issue. I'll update once it is done. 
I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I became aware of the problem.
First the LE expired. I'm not sure if I cleared cache or data since then or not. I paid 4 gold to reopen the LE and used not less than 10 swords looking for the rake that I know I found and used.
The next time I opened my game is when the LE flag said to search the jungle for the rake but when I tapped on the tunnel it says to look for grass seeds. I hope this info will help your team  Thank you and I hope that the hold and minimum amount of swords are returned. 
Be careful about clearing data before they get things fixed. When I did, my game would no longer load. I also read where others had this same issue. 
Good to know, thanks for the update.
Yes info welcome always 
Thank you adm. for acknowledging and giving us updates. It was driving me crazy because I knew I found the grass seed plus wasted 6 extra swords. It would be nice to get reimbursed those swords but I won't hold my breath! Kiwi..if it helps my issue is exactly like lunar.
Hi all, 

The issue with this quest has been fixed.  When you relaunch the game, you will not see this LE quest in your game,  however the quest will be completed and you need to tap on the building/item. Sorry again for the inconvenience caused and for being patient.
Ok you supposedly fixed it and now my game won't load..it just keeps shutting down as soon as I tap the app.
Thanks Kiwi my tunnel appears as completed. 
Great..there's nothing like having your game not load the day before a tc! So sick of this crap week after week!!!
Well..looks like I won't be playing with my team this week..thanks for nothing Kiwi! I AM SO DONE WITH YOUR IDIOTIC COMPANY. IM QUITTING ALL 4 OF YOUR GAMES THAT I PLAY..AND PAY FOR! Sorry to my team since we have been playing together since the very start of the "fun" challenges. Now, a call to Google to report your games!
T. Dud you call Google apps and let then know what is going on with support?
I just got off the phone with Amazon, I'm playing on a kindle fire HDX, and they did all kinds of troubleshooting, nothing worked. She started a ticket and they will be checking into the developer..aka Kiwi. So now I'm contacting Google, hopefully a 24 hour customer service. Thanks for checking!!
Good luck, Tigger!  You've certainly dealt with more than enough frustration with this game and Kiwi.  Hope you get some satisfaction.
Yep..out of 4 of their games, I can only play westbound now. Shipwrecked shuts down before it even loads, they won't reset brightwood back to the level I was at on Oct. 18 when it reset back to level 1 and the same with monsters planet. I am to the point where I'm done with them, there's other similar games I've been looking into but it's too bad I will lose the money I just spent on resources before all my games were taken from me!! I'm seriously thinking of getting my VERY,successful lawyer friend to serve some papers! Kiwi has messed with the wrong person for over 5 months now and I've had it!
I play on a kindle so my apps come from Amazon but I did give a 1 star review on Google for the app! I sent a very long detailed complaint to Amazon a couple of hours ago and they just refunded the last 3 bundles I bought! Now that's what you call customer service!!!!! I just hope they take the money back from KIWI which I'm sure they will. 
I just received another email from Amazon and they are sending all the information I gave them to the "concerned department for further review to get the issues resolved with the developer". Somebody's gonna be in trouble..lol! I just wish I could at least help my team out for the challenge!
Make that ALL 9 BUNDLES I've bought are being refunded. So it does help to contact Amazon for sure if you are getting apps through them..I think they have 24 hour customer service reps available. It's almost 10pm and they did more in 3 hours than KIWI did in 6 months!
My game opened this morning for me & I thought all was well again. Shut it down, went to work, opened it back up to find that my game had been completely wiped out & I am back at the beginning. Since I had already emailed support I pushed through to where I could name my island & sent another email. I have not heard back from them but if anyone is monitoring, please swap Marvel3 back to Marvelous1. Please!!!!! I had accepted my regular TC invite & now it looks like they are hosed. 
Issue fixed for me. Tunnel is now showing as completed. This issue at least is fixed.

I feel for you Tigger4u. I have been having ongoing issues with these games, keep being told they are fixed and find that they are not. I have now been told that everything is working their end, that my problem may be device specific and I could try clearing memory space (which I did ages ago and have 6.2 gigs spare). I feel like this is a brush off (to say it may be device specific and not very helpful.
About a month ago they finally fixed an issue that kindle players were having. I actually started emailing them about it back in June. After about 80 emails, not exaggerating either I counted them, there were several times they told me things were showing up fine on their end. The 3rd time they told me that I was EXTREMELY PISSED and told them I didn't give a f### what it showed on their end, they weren't the ones playing a screwed up game! Finally a couple of people on the forums started looking into it and was finally fixed!! But they are very good about making it look like there's nothing wrong, I feel y'all there! I went through it for almost 5 months..maybe I should've just stayed away then because I'm really fed up with the issues on their games. I paid for resources in 4 of them and can't even play 3 of them so they have stolen from me. Sorry to ramble on but they have put me through Hell and I'm gonna fight them..for myself and all other players they are screwing with.
Hi t4u i may be wrong T but do you not think it maybe your device that's not  coping with storage so resetting it's self as i know when my problems 1st started after i  had deleted emails pics and o on had  to start deleting game apps and more so much so that my tab is mainly shipwrecked so was not happy when had to  put most of my island in storage it was the only way  try rremoving some of the stuff you dont use hope this helps
I have a brand new kindle HDX, less than a month old. I have TONS of storage, I barely have any apps added to it. When I reported the problem with the grass seed and tunnel , everything was working fine. Kiwi said not to clear any data,etc until they fixed the issue so that's what I did. When they said they fixed it, I clicked on my tunnel, which they said was fixed and that's all you had to do was click the tunnel, it still was not complete. So I figured I'd wait a little bit, clear some items, gather some spirit and silver, then shut my game down and come back a little later. I came back about 30 minutes later...and nothing! Within 10 seconds of tapping on shipwrecked, it goes back to my homescreen and a gray box says shipwrecked has stopped working and has an ok button. I've checked my other games and they're working fine, I even opened shipwrecked on my old kindle and it's fine. I don't have photos and videos, don't live on YouTube or anything like that..I have books and a handful of games so I don't think storage is the issue. It was fine until they reset that tunnel I reported.
Under review
I'm sorry for the hassle. If you are still facing issues with loading the game, kindly email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and rest assured your account will be investigated further and resolved. 

We are closed during weekends,  our support agent will respond to all your emails on Monday.
Still waiting for that response you said I would get. The hole you're digging is getting deeper! 20 minutes till end of challenge so I wouldn't play right now even if you did fix it, it would only lower my teams score and I know they've worked hard, they always do! If I lived in California, I'd be walking through your door right now with device in hand!
Ok..you were on here 8 hours ago, I reported my device not working on Friday, I emailed you..so where is my response or why didn't you fix my game or even attempt to fix it??? I am screwed out of this whole challenge, and lost out on my spirit reward I earned last week, plus paid for resources I can't even use! Kiwi you are really pushing it! I have 4 of your games and can only play 1..you are stealing from me! You stole the money I paid for resources since I can't get into my games to play because you won't reset them to the level I had on October 18, you told me there was something wrong with my device so I bought another one, since I can't play I have lost any regeneration resources I could have been getting..GEEZ, I could go on and on! Thanks again for screwing me without even kissing me. If my game isn't fixed today, I'm signing papers for litigation against you and you can pay EVERYBODY what you have taken.
My LE quest never disappeared from the game. My building was already finished before you applied the "fix."  The quest was stuck on the last step of hanging the lanterns, but it let me finish the building. I was locked out of the game all of Thursday. I got back in on Friday and was able to play the challenge with my team. But I had to reinstall the game, and now I am locked out again. So...the issue is NOT fixed. I emailed from the game Sunday night about the LE not disappearing as well as the new atlantis quest (a frightful castle?) being stuck as well. Now I am going to have to wait for you to address the issue again and lose out on the bonus I earned. AGAIN. For the 4th week in a row...
sorry to hear that you are having problems the same as me. maybe now that there's more than one person still having the same problem they will actually look into it again and do something..I don't know and I feel for you because it's very frustrating.
So what's the update? I still can't play my game. What is customer service doing all the time? Do you only respond when it's convenient for you? The problem is, you have caused me to lose out on 1 challenge, which not only screwed me but my team as well. And if you think I'm complaining too much, here is where you have left me: I cannot even play shipwrecked, you crashed all of my games on Oct. 18 and have refused to reset my games back to the levels I had both on brightwood adventures and monsterama planet. The only game I have now is westbound. So I really think I'm not asking too much or too often to get some answers or get my other stinking games reset! AND DONT TELL ME TO KINDLY EMAIL SUPPORT! I've done it hundreds of times...maybe I should forward all of them back to you in case you didn't get them or didn't understand something! I'M FRUSTRATED and just want to play my games.
Still not working right in the volcanoe app: it starts with searching in the jungle, so I can't use swords there now.