6/09/2015 - Welcome to the RockYou Family!

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Welcome to the RockYou Family!

Kiwi and RockYou would like to thank our players for the overwhelming support you’ve offered regarding our joint decision to transition Shipwrecked: Lost Island, Shipwrecked: Volcano Island, Westbound: Pioneer Adventure, Westbound: Gold Rush, Explorers: Skull Island, and Brightwood Adventures. Our players’ feedback is very much appreciated and we look forward to maintaining the same great experience that has made each of you such loyal and avid gamers over the last few years.

We thank you for your patience during this period of transition. You can expect exciting changes in the next few weeks!

Please visit Shipwrecked: Lost Island’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Once you are there, start describing your issue and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need.

Do you have a question about Shipwrecked: Lost Island? Get all your questions and concerns answered over at our Support site.

Once you're there start describing your issue and browse the FAQs to find all the information you need. If you are still left with a question, don’t worry. We are here to help! Go ahead and create a Support Ticket and you’ll hear back from one of our helpful advocates soon!

Click here to access Shipwrecked: Lost Island FAQs for help: http://kiwi.userecho.com/list/35494-shipwrecked-lost-island/?category=13632

Click here to access Shipwrecked: Lost Island Support: http://lostisland.rockyou.com/support

Let’s create a new space for our growing community for players of Shipwrecked: Lost Island to interact with each other. We’ll post new information, announcements, and drop by the threads to see what is happening in our Community. Be sure to share your thoughts and feedback and meet all of us advocates and other players.

Click here to access Shipwrecked: Lost Island Community Site: http://lostisland.rockyou.com

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Ok, but how affect this changes our games?

I'm sorry, but since it's announced Rock you is taking over Kiwi games.... I'm leaving.

Rock you bought out another game that I used to play and it went all down hill from there. I could only play the game on Facebook and it sucks.. Nothing but problems and complaints with Rock You.

Sorry again. But I'm unistalling games as of tonite. Hope you can find new team members.
You would likely have been given patience and understanding if you had informed us that you guys were in the middle of a transition! Instead we have been left wondering why we have been deserted & none of our problems and questions were answered! Just silence! How can you thank us for support and patience with you guys when we as usual were not informed of any of this! I can honestly say that it can't get any worse & hope that the new partnership will clear problems and create a problem solving environment so we can get back to the old style of play that's fun, friendly and hopefully the team challenges will go back to affordable prices for those of us who have been loyal customers & to those who play but can't afford to buy. I guess time will tell!
So we are getting sent to another forumn..AGAIN..try concentrating on fixing these games instead of making more and switching to new forums every 6 months! I hardly play anymore because of the glitches and lack of support. We have been promised better and new ideas for over a year and it has only gotten worse. Even the forumn was a place you could actually interact and get to know other players but now it's nothing but complaints yet KIWI does nothing but send us someplace new and adds more games to fatten their wallet. I even had to quit playing challenges..they weren't fun..wait for 75 minutes to get energy filled then play a stupid game for maybe 1-2 minutes is not a "challenge", go back to the old style challenges, they were 100% better!! Ok..I'm done with my bitch-fest..I doubt I will continue on with the Rockyou forumn
Well said T4U!!! If you read the information on Rock you, they are a Advertising Company! Fattening the wallet at our expense! We are paying customers and cannot get support, how much $$$ do you need? You're filled with investors and we can understand how you have to make money to pay the investors! What I don't understand is how you are not making enough money just on the game itself with the additional Mega millions in sales of just ENERGY alone! You're not correcting the issue's that we CRY out to get fixed, you guys tell us that you have new & exciting additions to the game & when things are released they do not work correct. When we ask you to correct the problems you ignore us! We are the people who pay your income and pay your investors and we are going to be subjected to Advertising on top of paying to play? Max please do explain things so we have a chance to understand exactly what is going on! We would appreciate You giving us the straight up truth and not some song and dance to try and tap around the QUESTIONS! Thank you!
This bites... Rock you took over Playdom.Com games and now you take over Kiwi games..

I'm unistalling all of my games cuz I don't like Rock you. Too many problems with this new company. They can't fix what the other company broke and you have no clue how to fix up some other companies mess up. To be polite cuz not aloud to curse.

Everyone needs to uninstall and say GOODBYE. ..
Sweet Reef I have no choice if you are correct as I woke to a mail box filled with spam! Advertising?? I want my money back!
  • I completed an offer a while ago, and KIWI refused to honor their agreement. I earned 500 Swagbucks and should have received 144 swords. When I contacted KIWI, they said I never completed the offer. Then they blacklisted me so I can no longer contact them. It took me nearly a month to complete the offer and it was for nothing. I guarantee they received payment from Swagbucks for my time. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!