TC ratings not right

tigger4u 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by diane 3 years ago 1
Some have probably read my problem on the old forums but here I am again! For 18 weeks..yes, 4 1/2 months now..I have been emailing kiwi about how the tc ratings are not correct on my game. For example..last week, my team said we were 46/2507 but my game shows 17/210. That is just the weekly team challenge issue. Now for the season challenge..I have been playing EVERY challenge with the same tm for several months, so we should all have the same shield points..right?? Well, not on my game..all of my tm showed 0 the whole time we played the season challenge and they said I had 0 showing on their team page. We did finish @ #50 for the season challenge but I show we finished #15. So there's an obvious issue. Kiwi informed me since it was showing up correctly when they viewed my page, there wasn't anything they could do!!! So I bought a new kindle fire HDX..it is still showing the same incorrect numbers. Please somebody at Kiwi..get your head out of the clouds and fix your players issues instead of coming up with new, more screwed up challenges!!
I had a tm with the same problem,  sometimes she'd be top 3 and we wouldn't or the other way around, not sure what device she played with or if she ever got it fixed we no longer play with her, good luck I know how frustrating it is