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Sally Stickler Seidel 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Karen Bierman 3 years ago 16
You are taking the fun out of playing tc. Fix the invite bug. Fix the scoring crap and stop making it a full time job that costs to much. I realize kiwi is in the business for the money but this is like robbing people. You would think with the 16 million doller investment they just received and all the money they collect from us poor addicited players that they could afford decent customer service.
There will be an update next week to fix the invite screen
Yes diane but will we like the fix ???????
It better be fixed, and not a reset button,  because you can do that all day, select team, reset, select team, reset
Kiwi need to do sometr about the thumbs up buttons as well diane just tried to give you a thumbs up but knocked one out instead
Diane, not to be a nitpicker, but fixing glitches is the developers job, not customer service. I've been posting in the old forums, redirecting people here, and I've seen Maximus doing the same. That's above and beyond. 
Not to be a nitpicker, Ok so who works for kiwi?   Because i can post all day long in the other forums but maximus  in this forum stated there would be a fix after this challenge  so if he can't  do anything about than customer service shouldn't be marking items complete when they are not 
They haven't really explained their marking system yet. I suspect Completed means they've said and done all they can in these forums. Somewhere I read that they tried but couldn't get the update ready in time for this tc. No, I don't work for Kiwi but I have done customer service before. It's not easy and I respect the job Kiwi's customer service is doing. The idea to invite all neighbors is a bad one in my opinion . Maximus, Anna, Zieu, etc., didn't make that decision, but they get all the flac. I hope the update fixes things.
Yes mj you are right the team are only there to answers and fix things but somebody as to stamp the things and somehow don't think it's them at the top so can see why bm getting agitated as for me  know things are stamped sometimes just because kiwi do not like the comments at lest on the old site only got moved on if nobody paid interest now it's moved on somtimes because player's paying to much interests and yes instructions come from top and they are only doing there job but somebody pressed that button 
All I know is that I sent an email to corporate at the hello email and I received no response.  Only to find two days later that they are going to fix the problems with team invites.  Maybe everyone should just email corporate and let them know the problems that we are having.  You are right Mag, someone had to push the button.  Maybe I will send another email to corporate on Monday, because this team challenge is just as expensive as the last team challenge which isn't fair to the lower lever players.  It doesn't so much effect me because I harvest 85,000 coin every four hours, but to lower level players they just don't have those kind of islands yet which means they have to purchase in order to produce to get a good rank.  I have a few things to say about how things have changed in the past few weeks.  Sally is right they are taking all the fun out of playing.
Maybe because they need to show a good customer service record and players needs, requests and problems are being attended to? 
Hi all, 

Just to reiterate as posted earlier, invite fix is ready and will be available in our next version release which is scheduled next week. 

As with our new forums marking system, complete means the issue has been addressed by a forum admin. 

Our new forums is new to you all and will get comfortable and better over a period of time:)

Myself along with Anna will be available here all time for any issues you have. 
Again I will ask for the fifth time, in many different posts:
Why, if you knew weeks ago there was a problem did you wait so long to initiate a fix?  Why did you wait until after Seaside Season is over to fix it?  
There have been sever different posts over the past month.  Why did you wait so long to fix it?
How many times do I have to ask the question until I get an answer?
The invite bug is still to sensitive I still had neighbours invited by trying to scroll the members - maybe they need to be ale to reap to remove tick & a confirm button to send the invite instead of the auto send
That is an awesome idea Sally, a confirm you want to invite that person.  Genius, but of course such a simple idea may be to complicated for the developers.  
I can not understand this as mine was fine not a tick in sight sally