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Hello Islanders,

Firstly, we'd like to apologize for the delay caused in getting the new invite feature updates. We encountered minor technical difficulties and hence the delay. Well, the wait is finally over and I;m sure everyone have been patiently waiting to see the fix in invite option in Team Challenge.

You will now be able to select a specific neighbor and invite them  for Team Challenge. Please do not select all, which will send invite to all your neighbors. Select the neighbor you wish to invite to your team for the Challenge and tap on "invite".

Adding on to this, there is a new feature/option ----  ?  -- This will be seen in the bottom left of Team Challenge screen. This is a guide about Team Challenge - How TC works & FAQ's

Stay tuned for this weekend's exciting "HALLOWEEN" Team Challenge. More details on the Halloween Team Challenge will be posted soon.

Thank you All!

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