Expensive Challenge - Catfish Corner - Team Challenges no longer fun

Karen Bierman 3 years ago in Team Challenge Discussion • updated by Wayne Rasmussen 3 years ago 2
Once again you have done it to the players.  The Catfish Corner challenge was just as expensive as the urchin challenge.  It is not fair to the players.  For one have us craft two different items for one catfish at an over the top rate in coin is not fair to the lower lever players who do not have the  resources to produce like the upper level players.  Also, You have taken the fun out of the challenges.  What once was fun is now a headache.  You have had so many complaints for so long about the expense, the invites, and the technical issues, but yet you wait until after seaside season is over to do something about it.  Let me ask you something Kiwi, what if all of the players that make Shipwrecked the top grossing game stopped playing.  READ THE FORUM, you set it up for us to hear our requests and see what the players want but yet you have done nothing until now to change something.  WHY?  I have asked this question in several different posts, WHY did you wait so long?  Your developers are not developing they are robbing the poor and giving to the rich.  I am pretty sure that I am done with TEAM CHALLENGES in general because you have taken the fun out of it.  Fix the problems NOW or you are going to loos players and I can assure you that I can post the reviews in every forum and have other people as well do so to rate Shipwrecked POOR!
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Thanks! This is the worst! Thank you kiwi!
Kiwi, I have been playing shipwrecked for about a year now, & have spent hundreds of $, I am on level 127, and have been top, or second highest scorer on all my team challenges, now this past tc (catfish corners)I got no invites and no one accepted my invites, so I had to do tc solo, I thought maybe everyone was going solo but, thats not what happened right? And still finished tc with 374cf and ending up #324surgeon with 31067 sword, now if I could chat with my neighbors at all times I could have asked them if they had invited me or received my invites (you only need a blocking mechanism to make this feasible) but no I can't do that. It would've been nice to be able to chat with even one of my teammates, and answer my question. I personally don't want to have go to a different site to talk to my teammates  (Facebook or Kiwi forum)I know to add something like this causes you more work, but isn't this our game since we are the consumer and we basically keep you in a job. I'm not trying to be hard on you all but, it seems you have been receiving complaints about team challenge invites. I will finish by saying, I had more fun playing game before team challenges, and I believe you should try harder to have new changes all figured out before you drop it in our laps.    Thank You Kiwi. Sincerely Wayne Rasmussen