Team Challenge - Surchin’ for Urchins

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Hello Islanders,

This team challenge is going to revolve around crafting and is going to require users to purchase THREE new buildings: a “Tide Pool Tavern”(generator), a “Pebble Palace” (generator), and an “Aquarium”(crafting building).

The challenge will be to craft an “Urchin Cove” in the Aquarium, using guppies (from the Estuary Estate) and coral (from the Tide Pool Tavern).

Craft as many Urchin Coves as possible!

Team Challenge will start soon later today. Hope you've all formed your Team.

Title Details Rank wise:

Ranks 1-3: +600% Cheer, 12000 Rating Points

Ranks 4-10: +300% Cheer, 10000 Rating Points

Ranks 11-100: +125% Cheer, 8500 Rating Points

Ranks 101-500: +60% Cheer, 7000 Rating Points

Ranks 501-2000: +40% Cheer, 6000 Rating Points

Good luck to all Team Challenge participants!

At last something i can give you a click for thanks max 
Lol, Maximus, don't you mean sea urchins and kelp from the tavern and reef rock from the pebble palace?
Laughing out loud!!!! We are all human after all. My TC is a mess! None of this made sense!! I have 4 teammates and only 3 of our scores are adding up! The other member is working it hard, not showing on our TC overall scores and not showing in his screen! I am freaked out!!! Bugs,?? I sent kiwi a Sos, also posted on forum to see if others were having this problem! Aarrrggg!!!!
Same here. I turned my phone off and restarted it and 1 TMs score did show up but not the other two TMs.  I'm certain this should all straighten out sooner or later. (Hoping, anyhow) 
I hope so! Good luck!
Thanks RTS,  scores seem to stop n go. I also have noticed that at the rank I am, that ppl that have similar scores- names keep disappearing and reappearing. Let me know if I should explain better.
Hi all, 

I'll have the issue related to scores update for team member's investigated further and revert back. 

Does the score issue still persists for few team members? Confirming.
My game is making urchin coves from two items in the tidepool tavern (a level 3 and a level 4 item) and a third item from  the pebble palace ....nothing to use or upgrade from estuary estate...???
Have you got the fish tank from last week 
Aquarium, yes.  Upgraded it to put three items together to make urchin cove item for this challenge. 
Hi pw that's ok then admin got it wrong just for a change