am I the only one

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Having problems with this ghost ship 🚢 i have tried to go to the Cayman Islands 4,or 5 times it keeps coming up zero have tried to go to. Barbados 3 or 4 times and the same with Jamaica have used up all the shealds and rope and both we're full on one island it came up 53 % completed but once I got the items i needed and followed the map the only way I could it still came up zero the rope only gives two if your 🍀 lucky out of ten and the shealds take forever if I had to use gold it would probably be cheaper to 
Board a plain and go and quicker i was quite excited at 1st till I came up against the one that cannot be finished come on kiwi give us a break can someone please tell me if they got there and if I am missing something thanks to  
Hey mag,
I'm done with the ghost ship.  I completed all the islands but you have to get the upgrade to craft certain items.  Follow the quest and do the quest in order.  I had to repay naps because I didn't do it in order.  Did you get the Swashbucklers?
Hi kb yes but need the ballpen hammer to upgrade and cannot get that till I complete iam not sure how many maps i will try again let you know how it goes thanks 
Thanks for restoring my game! I wouldn't have stayed on the game if you hadn't. Thank all of you. I had the best team ates ever!
No worries Mag.  On an FYI I used gold sometimes because it was easier.  
On the Ghost Ship.
When you have a new on left hand side do that first and then go to the map and complete whatever you are supposed to complete.  Then when it says new, craft whatever it says to craft.  On the upgrades, you have to keep completing the same map to get whatever it is you need to upgrade.  I did not do that I just used gold to upgrade.  
It is important though to do it in order because I didn't and I had to replay maps to complete the quest.
Once completed you get an extra helper.  Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any questions.
They had the same kind of thing in Westbound as well.
What if you have all the helpers already?
It gives you another one.  I have all the helpers and at the end you uncover another helper.
I got my extra helper on the goat ship, but he still has not filled in, just a shadow. 2 days now.
Mine has not filled in either.  I'm going to try again after clearing cache.
I'm thinking it may be a ghost, since the quest is about a ghost ship...
Already cleared it several times, still the same, maybe we have to finish all the islands, I've already went to all the Islands, but the little helm wheels are not complete.
That makes sense I guess I will try that to although I don't really care if he is clear or not as long as he does something.  LOL.
I totally agree. , I sent a g-mail to kiwi asking to explain this ghost ship more.
You're not the only one , Magnat!

I went several times through the maps....instead of the promised screws I got 50 or less silver.
Now I have no more barrels - and no screws.    🔩

I think we are to do the journeys several times .
Probably they don't want us to run through the quests too quickly. 🏃

Hi 🐝 call it what you will but this one's harder than any of the Tc we have done and I agree with you this was not made to be finished in a short time ⌚ but I do like it most interesting thing we have had in a long time ⌚ 
Any idea where besides the armory to get shields? I have run out and don't have the armory so they came from somewhere...
I think we have to fill the little helms all the way around, I noticed that they go a little each time I went through the islands
CarynE, I get my shields from the fencing school.
Hi xg thanks for that big help as it doesn't tell you on the back of the inventory cards it's so long since I needed them i forgot so nice one 
Under review
Thanks Rebecca for assisting! 
I think the extra helper stays shaded because he is a ghost helper from the ghost ship so maybe he never fills in because he is a ghost.
Kiwi, why is shipwreck keep kicking me out of the game. It will let me down low then boots me our, and was having problems earlier when I was visiting My neighbors, have cleared the cache, several times, and checked for viruses, there are none, .Help me get back to my game.

Hi rr hopefully support can help if not let us know and will try to help but would help to known your level 
I'm back on the game again.THANKS AGAIN KIWI.
Hi Rebecaa,

If you are still facing this issue, please email at support-sw@kiwiup.com and we'll investigate further to get this resolved.
Thanks again I really appreciate your help, what you told me to do worked, I am playing Shipwrecked lost island again. I wouldn't know what to do with out you a kiwi.THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!
As anybody completed this yet because I am no where near 
I am like you Magnat working my way through it! I have to stop every time to wait for items needed, such as sweet potatoes that I've done over & over and I don't get the sweet potatoes! I get coin not not the sweet potatoes ( for the Turkey dinner)! I email kiwi but haven't gotten a response! So beware of issues with quest! 
Hi Jan not got to sweet potato yet but will try and see what happens only started 2 days ago with not doing much I didn't see the ship to 
Are you sure it's not squash?  I don't recall having to use sweet potatoes, I did need to grow more squash though.
Hi Jan mine are sweet potatoes did you get yours fixed 
Kiwi..do you have to complete the different maps more than once to get the extra helper? I have done all the upgrades and completed all of the maps but didn't receive the extra helper. And, yes, I did them in order!!
He Tigg,
Did you search the jungle for the helper?  Once you complete the maps and do the LE quests the quest will come up with a search the jungle and you will find the helper there.  If not, the on the LE quest where it says new then you have to follow that.  If you don't craft a certain amount of things then it won't complete.  
Like I said, I didn't do them in order because i got lazy and impatient so I used gold and when I completed everything I had to go back because I didn't craft a certain thing and I had to replay three of the maps then I got the search the jungle and got the extra helper.  Let me know.
I did FINALLY get it!! You're right, there was a "new" quest that came up but I didn't realize it was for the ghost ship. So I only had to redo the last 2 locations, got the request to search for robin and there he was!! Did you notice how they gave you a sword to search for robin, it even said 0/1 when the request came up, yet it took 3 swords to find him?? Lol..just can't win, can we?
Thanks for the help!
Karen, I did FINALLY answer your email!
Sorry kb but there's a limit any body's patients  this as me banging my head of the walls again as you know i have not been playing much so had a few quests run out so after running round in circles for 3 day's trying to complete the chost ship i tried what you said about l e quest i had 2 of them plus some expired quest so the two came up plus the expired ones opened and sent  me running round in circles again cost me 8 gold and over 50 swords and some not completed and no sign of the invisible man 
Hi t4u kb or rb will know that I would like to know myself 
I didn't do them in order, and received my ghost helper, I just went through the 10 levels and unlocked each one going back and forth to the islands now I just got to fill up the little helms, and collect all the items in squash buckles .But my helper is still not filled in yet.
I think the reason why the helper is not filled in yet is because he won't get filled in.  He is a ghost from the ghost ship so he doesn't get filled in.  That is just what I think but it does make sense that if he is a ghost he won't get filled in.  
I have completed this quest. Yes, you have to keep going back and redoing the islands to earn nails, ball peen hammers, etc. After you complete the island, it resets to zero.  I was impatient so did use some gold to get through it quicker.  Once you have completed the islands, you will have a quest to find Robin in the woods.  That is when you get the extra person.
Thanks lh that helps i seem to spend more time making than travelling but no complaints for now it's the 1st thing thats got my attention in a long time ⌚ 

Hi Magnat. LTNS. My son went on a camping trip that the schools over here do each year for 5th graders and was told he needed a disposable digital camera. Never heard of such a thing so was going to just buy him two regular ones in case he broke or lost one when it dawned on me that I had a bunch of smart phones that had better quality and storage space than what I saw available except for the fact all had broken screens or bad batteries. I ended up importing 6 transpire screens with digitizer at $7 each and high rated batteries at $14 each, then modified the bios so it would accept a 64gb micro sd card as these phones could only handle up to 32gb. Got every single phone to work after repairing them and then discovered on one of them all of kiwis games. I was shocked when I logged in to find out just about every game still existed and even more so my accounts still existed.  I love the new content though severly rusty as I tried one of the shipwreck weekend challenges and crashed and burned. Spent $40 for batteries that I burned up in 30 minutes lol. Yeah, I know somewhere I said Id never buy them years ago but heck, to still have my accounts and land in tact and not deleted after several years of non use they deserved the money heh. The only accounts or games that didnt work was monsterama planet and brightwood. Didnt play them much so no real loss. The animated houses, I went on a shopping binge. Stored and sold off a lot of old ones to make room for the awsome hi res ones. I made sure to store a lot of duplicates. I didnt want to decorate my islands and repeat that disaster where so many buildings caused my account to crash when logging in. Took Anna a month to fix that for me. If shes still here, thanks again. How you doing btw? Anyone else still here? Are you still here lol? I now see this post is 2 years old. *Waves to everyone*

Hi xanthor nice to see you again . Most have moved on from these games but I remember you and I'm still playing challenges . ....annewils . Take care

Thanks AW. It's great to be back. I played one of my old WB accounts this weekend and joiined the team challenge. I made it to first place but forgot how easy it is to get sniped if you don't pay attention and got bumped to #40. By time I discovered my blunder the TC had ended. I'll add you to Shipwreck once I log in. That is if your not on my list. It most likely will be a week or two before I can compete on my main SW account. For some reason, all resources got reset on my SW account though thankfully all my buildings are in tact. Even the ones I put in storage. I'll just have to put all my potions buildings out and start collecting again. The only things I'll most likely have to buy are axes and batteries. 

I just opened a ticket for it with a screenshot showing all of the completed locations. They will just tell you to email support on here, then you'll have to wait 3 weeks for anybody to do anything so I just opened a ticket instead. I don't understand how half of the things in these games only work half of the time for half of the players..amazing!
For those of you finished the ghost ship, I could use some help also. I can't get any magic from my lighthouse and don't have a yeti cave so I can't getvthe parrot. Suggestions?
I get mine from the cauldron

I had to wait 5 months to get YETI CAVE, parrot, & finish Swashbuckler's Cove. But this is old, you should have it by now!

I get mine from the cauldron, what I call the witches pot.every time it takes about a day for it to harvest tho.
I only get elixir ftom the cauldron but not magic. :( when the heck do you get the yeti cave??
Sorry, need glasses.l.o.l. you get a quest for the yeti.

how get ballpen hamer And how to travel SAAntA FE?

You can collect the balpeen hammer from the other Maps in the game. Please replay them to get the collectable. 

On your ship you need to replay the levels that give you a ballpeen hammer , then upgrade your pirates cove . Each time you travel to a new level you have to replay previous levels to get the items to upgrade pirates cove .