trailsweeper not work

Laida lsb 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Zieu 3 years ago 16
Recently i cant play more maps than chicago with the las version. Before i unlocked all mapas and i could play all of then.
I try everything, even unistall and insdtall again the game and nothing.
I write kiwi but not answer , yet.
Laida, when did you send the email?
Just today... So maybe is too soon to have an answer, that why i post here if someone  has an idea  about muy problem. 
FYI - If this refers to Westbound "Journey to the West" Mine was working fine today/I have completed all the cities... only visit Houston to today.
After three days kiwisupport write me sending me  here!!

I still cant open a map!!
It show a messsage "uh oh clarson must be tinckering the servers..." i press reply but its imposible, at that moment justo not the map its all the game going wrong, once and again  with the game message and when i left the game and came back later  i lost everything that i was doing the last time

Keep emailing them, everyday if you have to, until somebody helps. The admin. On here Will just tell you to email support so that was not a good reply for you!
Tigger4u, r u back playin wb yet? Plz tell me u r... did u see my post about what happened to me n beeflower/treeflower????
Nope..here's what happened, short version..lol..after my game froze and reset to level 1, it took them about 3 weeks to restore it, I played for 5 hrs, came back and it was level 1 again! After MANY emails and complaints, KIWI said they had restored it, again, but was still level 1 when I checked. So I told them to stick it!! I would like to have my westbound and brightwood games back but it became too much of a hassle. They said they couldn't find my account (the correct one, not the one that reset to the beginning) for brightwood and monsterama planet but I still receive notifications that my trees or a house, etc is ready to collect!! I just got 1 the other day so I don't know what their problem is..I think they screwed up my account somehow and couldn't fix it so that was their excuse, they can't "FIND" my accounts. It was kind of strange how all 4 of them reset to the beginning at the same time, they restore 2 games but can't find the other 2, same email, same device, same username. Well, I guess that wasn't the short version, was it?? Lol! And, yes, I did see your tree/bee issue..crazy!
Bummer about ur games... wish it would of worked. Bee n I need two teammates in wb. U know what's crazy, even tho dude jumped ship like he did. Bee went up 3 levels, I went up 1, we still gained 25% silver in tc, all in wb tc, and worked the sw tc - and we only have 3 of us on that team there and the three of us kicked but there too. Oh and get this... dude is still requesting items from both of us... dudes got cahonnes.
If I could get my game back, I would join you but I don't even trust my game would last even if they did restore it..again! I would seriously get rid of that neighbor and replace them, that's crazy, they could've at least explained to you guys why they did what they did. Maybe they don't have any balls to do that so just best to send them out west..lol!
I agree. I gotta find some nighbors besides bee/treeflower... yrammai quit cuz of same reasons u were having... so all my other neighbors r sleepers... Yawn... lol....
Keep looking, you will find somebody, although be careful since tc is still fresh on WB.

its fixed!!!

I dont know what was happening but kiwisupport fix it!!

thanks everybody
If you are facing such issues in game, we need to look into your account further. Please do email at support-wt@kiwiup.com