Can't accept TC invitation

Sylvia Vahlsing 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Sunshine 2 years ago 12
Hey kiwi!
No Chance to send a ticket in weekend -  I hope you read this here in time!
I got 3 invitation s for TC and I wanted to accept Misshiyu's - but nothing happended after tapping in her"s.
Could you Plesse fix it ?! Time is running.....
ID: Beeflower
Yes plz kiwi. I sent u msg too this is Misshiyu! Thank u.... I sent invite to Treeflowers, poedady, n Yrammai. Only Poedady has accepted.please help the others thanks, time is of essense for tc... thanks
Tree, I let Poedady know to send u a neighbor request too, k?
Hey Sylvia,
Kiwi is closed on the weekend's.
THEY won't do anything till Monday. By then it's too late! They really need a staff there on weekends. Many of us are having problems 7 days a week. Sorry for your troubles. My last team was horrible. It was a random team cause something went wrong when I tried to pick a team. I never saw the invite section...this time I think I'M in better shape. You can always check me out for next quest. IMAMAZONIA is my towns name
Hi michele, treeflower was able to accept my invite finally... yeah, kiwinis closed on the weekends but the good news is that they do have people.to monitor the forums which is why we both posted here....  thank u for ur help its appreciated....
Hi all have just put in post about the same thing i play SW i noticed mine closed with 8:1/2 hour hope mine gets sorted out 
Finally I could accept membership in westbound, thanks Magnat!
ID Treeflowers in WB
ID Beeflower in BA and SW

its bit confusing with the different IDS. I started  games before as Treeflower on old device and had to choose  a new ID.
Magnat, do u need a team? Tree n I need another teammate... we need 2. We only needed 2 but other teammate poedady all of a sudden is gone!
Soz jlc full up now but let me get back to you as jw looking for some one 
Rosered51 is looking for some one hope you get them good luck
It's ok, magnat. 
At least I wanted to try.
Maybe next TC - though you haven"t a steady team
Good luck with this TC!
Hi bee going to need two ✌ this week if we don't ear 👂 anything  in the next 4 hour if your still two short 
This happened to me two challenges ago. I wasn't able to join my team and couldn't even start my own challenge. So frustrating and upsetting as we were in the top 3. My team finished in the top 3, but I got #33.