Need 1-2 Active Neighbors for Team Challenges

Smoothbaby17 3 years ago in General Discussion • updated 3 years ago 1

Hello all!
My fiance and I are looking for ACTIVE neighbors interested in joining us for Westbound Team Challenges. For the first TC we got 95 team rank and 308 (Cowboy) for overall season rank. We may have gotten higher, but I was discouraged at first that none of our neighbors joined our team (it was just us two for the whole challenge). I did bust it out at the end to make top 100 though. ;-). I'll provide a screenshot, so you know I'm being honest. ;-). And now instead of getting discouraged again, I'm attempting to rectify the situation. :-D. So...

Please leave your Kiwi username or email, and any other info you want regarding level, rank, activity, etc. And I will send you a neighbor invite. Then when the next challenge starts, invite will come from me also. Also, follow this post in case something goes wrong with chat we can still communicate here.

Ok, so it's not letting me attach the screenshot. I'll figure it out, just give me a bit. ;-).