jackiewardo 4 weeks ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Admin-Anna 3 weeks ago 1

how do you request a specific gift from one of your neighbors

Jacqueline Saxon 3 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Admin-Anna 3 months ago 1

How do I do this? I know it's dumb and unimportant... but I *may* be a bit OCD...?

Jeannette-Marie Olmeda 6 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by anne wilson 5 months ago 4

I have enjoyed playing this game for the past couple of years (since it was first owned by Kiwi) and have spent a lot of real money on swords and gold to get ahead in the game. The game started changing since RockYou took over but I continued playing with no real problem until your last update that put pop-up ads. You just ruined the game, the enormous amount of pop-up ads is now seriously hindering gameplay. You just lost a good, longtime gamer who actually spent money on your game... Your very bad move adding those pop-up ads lost you revenue. Uninstalled game, can spend my money on a game that doesn't hinder gameplay with an endless, rediculous amount of pop-up ads.

vanhove13 1 year ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by phil roberts 5 months ago 8

does anyone know how to get cannons i need them to finish building and i have no idea where to get them.

Trenice Mclean 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Catherine Tipton 7 months ago 3
Lostgurlz 9 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

Ive been playing for months...I've already done main quests.....I stopped doing Limited Edition quests bc it makes starting up extremely slow....We don't have anything new to do...No Pirate ship to keep us motivated to make swords and or gold ... Challenges is all I have to keep me interested. That being said I don't even want to collect anymore bc it's not worth 1 swords for 200,000 plus experience points to level up...my Island is huge and I have a ton of stuff. Even if I collected every 4 hours or more it still takes me days to level up. Most normal individuals would have stopped months ago... please can u give us more swords for making progress and or Rodrigo's pirate ship?

branchen6 9 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

I played the first Shipwrecked years ago on my tablet. It was like about level 45, or so, that I finally quit playing and deleted the game due to there not being enough swords. I was sincerely hoping that, since it appeared a new group had taken over, things might be different. Oh, they're definitely different. They give you plenty of opportunities to get free swords....but the LE quests are "forced" upon you...no choice whether you want to start them or not. I have other things in my life, so can't finish the LE quests...now I have like 10 unfinished buildings taking space in my town...can't sell them or trash them. And all those wasted swords...

The events are fun, but WAY too many of them...doesn't give you much chance to actually play your game, not to mention more clutter from each one of those.

As for all the options to buy resources or spend swords on crates, etc....WAY, WAY too many. I spend most of my time filtering through those when I first log in, not to mention the constant barrage of logos for those at the top of my screen. Can't these all be placed under one button to the side?? I mean, if people want to buy or spend resources, don't you think they'll find that??

I'm now like level 20+, and quickly coming to the conclusion that "another one nights the dust".

Bruce Smelser 10 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Admin-Anna 10 months ago 1

While shopping, it be nice to know if I already own building already.

Whether the background a different color slightly, or there a number in corner indicating how many you own.