Barbara Sitton 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by loveabraves 2 years ago 2
Players should given least one ax per day. I like game a more if I got more axes. I'm tired of having play other games to get more. Or have more where can 30 second ads.
Christine Matzke 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Shelly InMn 1 year ago 2
TaraMN 1 year ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Viola1234 8 months ago 4

Seriously you guys? The past 3 days I have only gotten 3 pick axe from cleaning up debris. What happened to the 5? Personally I miss the 10 it started out with! Getting ridiculous!

Hartyguy 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by teddiec 2 years ago 2
I have poured way too much money into Kiwi games and have contributed to each challenge more than my teammates just to have my scores be less than theirs. You got me!!!! you screwed me!!!! but I am done!!!!! when in a challenge, I have more points than a teammate but my rank points are 3001 points less than theirs. KMA
Jim Rode 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0

I suggest we start a list of non-participating "sleepers". Keep the leeches off teams that want to do their best.

Paula@WB 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Jade Smith 2 years ago 3
I play Westbound and was invited to play Goldrush for axes. I thought it was going to be a new different game. But it is the SAME game! Sure there are birds and we have the marshall instead of Gus, the dog has had a sex change and is now named "Jack" but not enough differces for someone to want to play both games. I thought there would be some new stories. Why even launch a new game if it is no different than the other?  
Kim Beaton 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated by Zieu 2 years ago 1
dsandcw 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback 0
You should add an option to save our unused energy each hour to use later in the challenge or in the next week's team challenge.
Jayson Cardwell 12 months ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated 12 months ago 1

Its as simple as that, I think there should be videos every 15 minutes for a free pickaxe


RockYou should offer a way to sign in to any of the games offered just like it's offered to sign in to the Google play. Especially when changing devices, this is very frustrating as I've had to actually email them and get a block of instructions that didn't work the first time around.

Now I've sent support another email, just to play a game. RockYou, please simplify this process. Takes way to long ,making me lose interest.