Woolly Mammoth a Green Square

Hannah Anna 3 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by Admin-Anna 8 months ago 7
The Woolly Mammoth a appears as a Green Square with no image. It can be moved around but not sold. It is a bit annoying. Has anyone else had this issue? 
Hi Anna,

We are aware of this issue and our engineers are currently looking into this which will be fixed at the earliest.

I have contacted you many time about issues with some of my buildings being green squares.. I still have them.. Missing items crystal ball deleted and it's still gone for over six months... Now I working on a new mission the adorable sundial, while digging I found the adorable flower to continue the quest it vanished and I used 10 pick axes it's gone.. I've never had one issue made right and I'm frustrated with buildings I can't finish

Hey my cactusis a green squre.. is there any thing we can do ourselves to the green squares

My generals store upgraded to 11 and is now a green square. The Dovecoat is 3 times the size and my Coach is now missing. I have an open ticket but nothing has been solved. Only made worse.

We apologize for the delay. We will have the issue fixed soon.

What ever... I received an email, ticket solved. Nothing fixed. Doing some research on RockYou. Wow!

Hi Hannah,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Do not worry, our team is currently working on the issue.