Not Getting Bonus/Boost for Team Challenge

Stephen 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by NURUL NADIA 2 years ago 3

My team did pretty well in last weekend's Freeze challenge, and earned a 125% boost in sparkle production. I noticed yesterday that I am getting NO BOOST in the sparkle that I collect.

I checked the season history for this last event, and instead of seeing the earned boost I see a status of "Did not Place". Teammates have confirmed that they are seeing the same problem. There some discussion from other players under the announcement for the current weekend challenge about this problem, but I thought it desreved its own thread under Bug Reports.

We rely on the earned boost to help prepare for upcoming challenges. There is a big negative impact on our play if we do not get it.

You are correct indeed! My son's team came in 2nd place & lost a lot of bonus! Skyfinger2015 Jr. Thanks for posting in the bug area!
me too, is it because I used the Cool Treats Hut that I already had from a previous challenge instead of buying a new one?
Didn't get any reward for my challenge. Waste time n money.