Zest; How Much Do I Have and How Much Do I Need?

Stephen 2 years ago in Suggestions/Feedback • updated 2 years ago 1

Please add a way for players to check how much Zest they have, and how much is needed to get to the next level.

One thing that might not be too hard to implement: If I try to build a house and do not have enouh Zest, I am told that I need more. Please customize this pop up to tell me how much more I need.

I see that Westbound already tells you how much you have and how much you need if you do not have enough to build a new house. Please add this function to Skull Island.

Also, it only takes about 1,700 pts for me to get to the next housing max in Westbound. Why have I been stuck at the same limit in Skull Island, even though I have added thousands of points here?