Standing still at level 75

SpildAfTid 2 years ago in Technical Issues/Bug Report • updated by melissa 2 years ago 19
Is there a maximum level? I stand still at level 75 and past 1658783 experience points, and the status is only green.

I have the same problem. I am at 75 level too
1.62M XP holding at level 75 with a full green bar.

If this issue is ever addressed, I hope we get rewards for all of the XP we have accumulated while stuck at 75.
very good point but far be it to be RY's public voice.... NO !!!
I'm experiencing the same scenario - would be nice to know whether or not there's "anything more" beyond level 75, but apparently, it's "classified"...
Not certain which of the rockyou games you are each playing, but I know that in Westbound Pioneer Adventure, for example, many of my neighbors are at levels well over 200. Sounds like there is another glitch that rockyou needs to look into with respect to your progression within the game.
Not only am I stuck with no quest, I just realized that the season shows we did not place in the brain freeze challenge last week & to make it worse, we finished in the top 3..... How can they do that! I'm really angry! In my opinion i think they are going under or something because quest do not just stop for This long without any explanation from the developer! I hope that I am wrong but what else would be the reason a game just goes dead and the only thing we get is team challenges that cost money!!! What do we get in return? Certainly no pleasure!!
Hey Sky/Jan, r u experiencing any problems initiating today's challenge? : (
(From: Melissa/Iconic)
No Sky Jr is up & running but not hard after they messed up the reward's & show no placement last week when they were in 2nd place! No response from Rock you either! Everyone watch your backs!!? I think the problem was the hut hopping but they didn't have to show those poor guys as no placement in the game! Sad! I told my son to stop playing it! He is though! Crazy kid!!! Why did you not come back to play with them?? Just curious!!
I hadn't noticed but after reading what Sky had posted, I checked my own award history and realized that I, too, am listed as having NOT placed in last weeks challenge...I participated last week but not on a team because my "devotion" to this whole racket has subsided significantly and I don't want my own lack of enthusiasm to have an impact on anyone else (don't wanna be a dead-beat teammate, lol). I did however make an earnest effort so now I'm wondering why it's not being acknowledged, and if I should even continue investing any more of my time...I would be LIVID if I were Sky after placing #2 and not getting the credit/acknowledgement for doing so!! I hope RY resolves the matter by awarding him the credit he not only deserves but is also entitled to. As for me, I've been taking a more casual approach to the game simply to minimize my frustration - as I've said before, I've got way more important things to stress over... : )
Very smart move to not play too hard!!!
Not playing hard because I refuse to spend anymore money on this game until it is up, running & quest to do! Something is major wrong! If I am correct I thought I saw in forum that they were " taken over". If so all this makes sense! Otherwise no excuses! Good luck to all of you who continue to play! Sky Jr
Company had been Ninja Kiwi, but now appears to be RockYou.

This probably belongs in its own thread, but I too am seeing "Did Not Place" as the status for my team and am NOT getting the 125% boost in Sparkle that I should be seeing this week. One of my teammates confirms the same problem. Other 2 have not yet replied.
Raise an issue/ticket with RY... I did and was left satisfied
Playing Explorers: Skull Island. Now at 1.75 Million XP. Still at level 75 with a full green bar.

4 diiferent people have reported this problem here for Skull Island.

I have spoken to RY and they are currently working on upgrades past level 75. no information on when this will be released at present but i will update on this thread if and when i hear anything. Is a little bit of a shame that a player is informing the other players of this game about this and not RY.

Thank you (Phil Roberts) for not only passing along the info, but also for bringing the matter to RY's attention in the first place.